We’re level again!

Saturday was washing day so the camper, truck and cargo trailer all got scrubbed and washed. We then wrote a TO DO list of all the other stuff that needed doing! Sunday and Monday were crazy days with nothing on that list getting tackled 🙁 We did go to see Ayo though – EXCELLENT! The weather has been beautiful and so Tuesday saw me cleaning windows, screens and all whilst Richard went back up on the roof to check the seals and put the AC covers on. These are new this year as covering our AC units is something we have never done before. You can’t use them when traveling but as we are going to be stationary most of the time this winter we thought they would be worth putting on. Later in the day Richard did all the other seals, greased things that needed greasing etc. I was amazed at how dirty our windows were as it is not as if I have never cleaned them before!

Today, Tuesday, I spent quite a bit of time at the Mill in between taking Daniel to work, Hannah and Caleb to the library and cooking lunch. Richard spray painted all the metal and exposed pipes under the camper. Alas with traveling through rough weather last year, thus exposing the underbelly of the camper to grit and salt etc. there was a good amount of rust showing. NOT good! This camper was not cheap and we need to be diligent in taking good care of it as we don’t have any plans of changing it in the near future, nor any desire to! He sprayed with a matte coat first and then went over with a gloss coat. The matte coat is designed to stop the rust and the gloss just makes it look better.

When I came home around 5:30 Richard was cleaning out his tool area. (It had got so bad we couldn’t even shut the door!) He was also seeing if the camper would level itself. Remember the trouble we had 10 days ago?! Alas it would not and was now even worse. However he was able to get the right front leg to rise SO we made the decision to move. The pads all down from us had vacated today. Yes, it was a little late in the day but tomorrow is another busy day. (Let’s just say I have 100lbs of pears coming!) I quickly went inside, cleaned, mopped and brought all the slides in. Of course, by the time we actually got hooked up it was dark. We still have an issue with our hitch so turning tight corners is really dicey. Friends brought Daniel home just as we were moving so they stopped and provided some extra light to help us get backed into the new spot. On concrete, the camper should have auto leveled easily. Hah! NO way! We tried once, hitched back up, tried again, hitched back up and decided not to waste time on the third try. Richard switched it into manual mode and leveled it that way. SO there is definitely something wrong with the right front jack BUT at least we are now level. Feels SO much better and definitely more stable. There’s still a mess outside to pick up but that can wait until the morning. Our TO DO list has definitely shrunk so that’s a good thing.

What’s your day consisted of?



2 Responses to “We’re level again!”

  1. Patricia Bowler says:

    So…what do you do in your spare time !!!
    Love reading all your blogs.
    Take care xxx- Pat

    • liz says:

      Hee! What spare time?! We do play cards once in a while but not as much as we used to. This is a busy season in our lives but we’ll take it.
      So good to hear from you. Hope all is well, Love, Liz

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