Don’t break a glass jar of ginger beer in your RV!

Today was moving day. (Here at Treasure Lake we have to move every 21 days.) No big deal as it makes us clean up. Richard and I spent yesterday afternoon and some of the evening doing a good “Fall” cleaning inside the fifth wheel. Sunday morning’s normal routine on moving day is to get up, have breakfast, cook lunch so we can eat straight after church, put in four of the five slides, go to church, come back and pick our new spot and then move. Simple! LOL! Let me share what happened today…

First off we ALL overslept by 30 minutes which is very unusual thus starting our morning off late. Richard had to get up on the camper roof to clean the two slides on the awning side that do not have slide covers. Yuk! Then he had to rush to church to help with the live-streaming. Daniel was not scheduled to be on video cameras today but someone did not show up so Richard rushed back to get him. With three slides in I started on the living room one. When it started to “resist” I stopped and went to investigate. The recliner sometimes doesn’t get pushed back against the wall far enough but although I gave it a shove that did not appear to be the issue. Before I could investigate further…. BANG! What in the world?! Oh my! I had moved the heater out of the way but had not noticed Richard’s glass gallon jar of ginger beer he had brewing! That bang was the glass jar breaking and I then had sticky ginger beer all over the flour! (Ginger beer is made from the ginger beer plant. It is a probiotic, healthy, non-alcoholic drink like kefir, kombucha etc.) What a mess! Needless to say I had to clean it up. Took me a while but finally got it all up or so I thought! As I began to move the slide in again I noticed that it had also gone under the recliner so had to pull all that out and start cleaning again. We made it to church albeit rather on the late side.

Fast forward to after lunch. As a family we choose not to celebrate Halloween. Having lived on a farm for years, avoiding it has really never been an issue as we were out in the country. When we were here in 2015 I told Richard that I was never going to be here again during this season. How many of you know how dangerous the word “never” is?! Yep, here we are again! Thankfully there are no Halloween decorations in the Clubhouse or outside yet. Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Treasure Lake but just do not want to participate in the haunted trail or be anywhere near it. SO we wanted to park in Phase 3 for the next three weeks. There were only two spots big enough that were open to us: one was surrounded by trees which in the next three weeks will be dropping their leaves, the other was a gravel pad but more open. We prefer to park on concrete but decided on the gravel one so as not to have to deal with the leaves. We really need to get the camper washed as it is FILTHY up on the roof due to being under trees the last three weeks. Alas the site was/is not level and unhitching was a total pain. This was followed by the camper not auto leveling along with one of the front jacks getting jammed! What should have been a 30 minute move once actually hitched up and pulled out from our old site turned into over 3 hours! One of our friends here kindly came and helped. At one point we had to jack the bad side up to release it and then ended up setting it manually. The camper is basically level but the bad front jack is still not working correctly. We cannot raise the front end up high enough in order to hitch it back up to the truck so until we get it fixed (hopefully under warranty) we are not going anywhere else!

That’s not all folks! We have had trouble with that new hitch we put on the camper last year for some time. The “tire” piece seems to deflate although it looks inflated to the eye. Alas Richard forgot to check it before we pulled out and at one point whilst turning it did not fully support the camper and we crunched the side of the truck cover! We felt like complete “newbies”! Just another thing to fix. Thankfully, Richard was able to close the cover. Oh yes, guess what I did earlier this week? Ran over Caleb’s expensive bike! Caleb had left it parked in front of the truck which he shouldn’t have done but I also should have been more observant. I came out thinking about work, got in the truck, drove forward and CRUNCH! A bike can’t survive against a one ton truck! Caleb loves taking things apart so he had a new project and wasn’t too upset with me. Thankfully we have a spare bike here so he still can ride around.

Poor Richard was supposed to leave for work at 5pm for his fortnightly 60 hour shift 100 miles away. He did not get out of here until 7pm! Yes, Sunday’s are supposed to be a day of rest and normally they are. Today’s saga just adds to the story of our lives! Nope, we didn’t get mad. No point in doing that as it will only affect our health and relationships. If your day was like ours, keep smiling. Learn the lessons the day taught and move on, doing the best you can.

Definitely try to avoid the gravel in life – it can dig in and hurt when you fall on it!



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