Fantastic Caverns, Springfield, MO

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Today we had to go to Springfield for an appointment so decided to make a day of it, first by taking the kids to lunch and then, following our appointment, visiting Fantastic Caverns for the first time. So glad we did! Having seen the advertisements for years it was just one of those things we had never got around to doing. I’m sure you know that feeling well….

Several “old” vehicles around for visitors to check out and photograph:

Weather was gorgeous but not that that really mattered once we got into the cave.

You are not permitted to walk in this cave. As visitors you are driven through with a guide who makes several stops along the way. Truly fascinating and some amazing formations.

This one is known as the twins:

Fantastic Caverns is located just north of Springfield. It is well signposted but you do have to take some twists and turns to get there. Family owned and one of the very few caves in the world that you get to drive through. It is the ONLY drive-thru cave in America. Not surprising that they receive visitors from all over the world. It was initially discovered in 1862 (yes, no typo) when a man’s dog went in this hole:

Not much to see, correct? The man went in after his dog and discovered the caves. It is surmised that he kept his discovery secret at that time due to the Civil War going on and not wanting his cave and/or land confiscated for troop use. When the war had ended, an advertisement was placed and one day twelve ladies (teenagers) turned up at his door ready to go explore the cave. Of course this was long before the invention of flash lights so they saw the caves in a much dimmer light than what we did today. Later, it was one of the first places in the Ozarks to have electricity powered by this steam engine:

Like to sing? You may well be given an opportunity in one of the “rooms” due to the great acoustics. In fact, concerts used to be held in there.

Wonderful day, much enjoyed by all. Kids went straight to sleep and I am heading that direction also 🙂



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