Yesterday was Hannah’s twelfth birthday! Wow! Originally wanting to go to White Water we persuaded her to to change her mind and go watch Samson instead due to the forecasted thunderstorms. (As it turned out, there was no rain but it was a dreary, humid day.) This is the first year at Sight and Sound here in Branson for Samson. The place was packed! We attended the 3:30pm performance and were sat right at the very top. GREAT view!

Was it worth seeing? Yes! Both Richard and I were very tired and so that may have influenced the fact that we thought the first half was a little slow. I couldn’t stay awake! The second half was where Delilah finally came into the picture. As usual, the acting was superb, live animals were plentiful and there were definitely some surprises. Quite a bit of humor/tongue-in-cheek in this one also.




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