Moving day

Having spent the last four months in the same spot, bar our week in Oklahoma, it was time to move this past Thursday! During the winter months Treasure Lake doesn’t require you to move as you are responsible for insulating the faucet etc and so to move regularly would be a total pain. HOWEVER once spring arrives the moving cycle starts again. Know what? I don’t mind! Others may grumble and complain but I enjoy changing spots and was definitely ready for a change of scenery. All of us were.

Of course moving takes a while and is even longer now that we also have to hook up the cargo trailer. Having the cargo trailer also limits the sites we can move to. What that means in plain English is that we have had to broaden our horizons a little. This time we are parked in a spot we have never parked in before. Yep, just like folks sitting in the same church pew for years on end, we have our favorite spots here on the park 🙂 Change is good for us though and I honestly think that this move was one of the smoothest we have done. It didn’t seem to take as long and we were more organized. Maybe the fact that I had cleaned the kids room from top to bottom the previous day really made a difference!

Just in case you are wondering, we do not drive the rigs around the park looking for a spot. Before we even hook up, we go choose our new spot and put our card there. This makes things a lot simpler. With that accomplished, the cargo trailer gets hooked up to the Suburban first and pulled out the way. Then we back the truck up to the fifth wheel and hook that one up.

Can’t believe that in 5 days, on April 19th, we will have been in this fifth wheel a year! Wow! What a year it has been. No regrets here!



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