Snow on April 7th?!

This is the scene from our bedroom window this morning! Brr…. I had actually woken up an hour earlier planning to head out to get our weekly milk from a local farm but, on seeing the snow, decided to stay in bed giving the roads more time to clear. Getting down into the 20’s at this time of the year in Branson. MO is unusual and it was still below freezing at noon! Thankfully the sun came out after that and so we warmed up into the 40’s.

Young Christians Weekend is at Silver Dollar City this weekend. Last evening I had accidentally double booked myself so whilst Richard and the kids went out there to be rained on I was volunteering with Compassion International at the Women of Joy conference down at the Convention Center. The speaker last evening was Sheila Walsh (above). The last time I had seen Sheila was back in the mid 80’s when Richard and I were dating and she was doing a concert with Cliff Richard in Carlyon Bay close to where we lived! Until last night I had NEVER heard some of her testimony that she shared. It was pretty touching. We ended up leaving the Convention Center at the same time so I shared with her when about the last time I had seen her. She could sing really well way back then but boy, last night she lifted the roof off with Amazing Grace. She still has a very powerful voice.

This afternoon we all dressed up warm and headed back out to SDC for For King and Country. This is led by two brothers from Australia. Although we had heard their music before this was our first time seeing them in person. They did a great job albeit an extremely loud one!

Hope your weekend is going well. I’m looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Baked some goodies this evening so I don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen tomorrow 🙂


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