Hugging a tree a little too close!

Two photos in this post.

Richard had just gone out the door this evening, as we were heading to church, when he heard “CRUNCH”! Oh dear! A family that had just picked up their new fifth wheel today, and brought it down to Treasure Lake for their first visit here, had taken the corner a little too close and the tree had torn up their two awnings and put some nice digs in their roof! How to get them off the tree was the big question. We tried for a while but with no success. Thankfully our good friends, Bruce and Janet, were on park and they came to help. Bruce immediately set to work organizing and getting the jacks on the tree side lifted up so that wood planks could be fitted under the wheels and the fifth wheel backed out. (We’ve had a LOT of rain here this week and so the fifth wheel had sunk into the grass on the one side.)

Needless to say, we never made it to church but we did get the fifth wheel backed off and helped them set up on a pad. This is certainly a trip that these folks will never forget! If you remember, we lost an awning due to a strong gust of wind the first night we were in our fifth wheel last year. This picture is of Richard up on their roof taping the torn roof side to protect from the rain. Yes, he was up there whilst they were backing up. He also caulked the holes left by the one awning we had to remove. The other one will either have to be taped in place or removed in daylight in order for them to safely travel home.



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