Our week at Voice of the Martyrs

Getting into the groove of getting up at 6:30am each morning left us a little on the tired side. VERY proud of the kids though, especially Hannah, as she is not a morning person and in the past getting her out of bed to be anywhere early and on time has definitely been a trial. Most days we worked 8 hour days from 8 am to 5 pm with an hour’s lunch break. Due to us being camped a few minutes away from the campus we chose to eat lunch in the break room. The first day was rough. I do not do well if I am not properly nourished. With being late in the previous night and also needing to make a grocery shop we were limited to sandwiches for lunch. Not enough to keep this lady sustained. By that evening I was in desperate need of solid sustenance. Once fed and refreshed, Michelle and I went to the store and I was able to stock up on food suitable to cook for us all week on a tight schedule. Yes, friends of ours and Michelle’s brought her down on Monday afternoon so she was able to join us for the rest of the week. They then returned to Branson picking up her car on the way and towing it home! What a blessing!

Volunteers put in about 50,000 hours last year at VOM! There was a team of 7 other people working on our tables. (More volunteers were elsewhere doing other jobs.) Our first job of the week was to package some of the monthly newsletters. Although much of this is done in the mail room by automated machines with humans checking, there are some that need to be done by hand. By some, I am talking approximately 11,500! Each pile is sorted and has to be double checked and triple checked. If one is missing, guess what? You have to find it! Richard soon cottoned on to the fact that weighing the envelopes was the quickest way to find the error as sometimes a cover slip had been double packed. Even so, it did cause a delay but there was great rejoicing when the errant piece of paper was found! With that job completed it was time to move onto the newsletters being sent to prisoners! With our hard working team that was another job completed relatively quickly. Thursday afternoon saw us getting books ready for mailing. With 1500 packaged books on a pallet we filled one pallet and finished off another. On the last day, Friday, we had to leave at noon due to having to return to Branson that evening. The job that morning was to insert photos into a letter. We had an extra helper that morning and in 4 hours we were able to do 20,000! It was really quite amazing. Team work truly does make a difference.

VOM is getting ready to release the movie, Tortured for Christ, on March 5th. This is the story of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrandt, the founders. Richard spent 14 years in a Romanian prison, much of that time in solitary confinement. The film crew actually went back to the prison cell in Romania to film parts of the movie. It is based very closely on Richard’s story and quite graphic in places due to the beatings and torture he endured. What a story! We have NOTHING to complain about. VOM has recreated Richard’s cell in the museum on campus so visitors can see what it was like.

The three kids worked along side us and on the last day, a team photograph was taken (shown above). The last day was also the only semi-warm one so we were able to take a walk after lunch. This is the plane used at one time, to distribute Bibles and other literature over the Colombian jungle. It was known as the Pink Panther. Would we return? Yes, despite all the paper cuts we endured we enjoyed being part of helping out a vital ministry helping those who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.

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