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It’s been a BUSY three days. Thursday, Feb 1st, saw us taking possession of a booth at Branson Mill, a large craft mall here in Branson. Having previously been a Christmas booth it looked like this:

The previous day we had gone to purchase paint and the gal there was SO helpful. We had originally thought of beige tones but after listening to what we were going to be selling she suggested soft greys! We are SO thankful for her help and inspiration as the booth has turned out really well and the black frames, like she said, will stand out. When we arrived at the booth, the previous renter’s items were still in there so we helped move them across. Then it was time to paint. The kids were excited to help and yes, we were all in old clothes! First the walls, then the slat board. Needing to put slat board up on the two empty walls it took us quite a while to paint but we got finished that day.

On Friday it was time to return and attach the slat board to the walls as well as touch up small areas we had missed or had not quite covered. Even though we purchased high quality paint, there were a few areas that didn’t quite get all that deep red. However we were pleased with the end result:

We are still going through inventory in the trailer. It seems likeĀ  a never ending job. There were a LOT of frames that came with the business but we needed to go through them and use them as we have new frames on order. Also now that we are not doing any shows this year, it has freed up some grid wall. This we decided to put down at Whitney’s where we set up our original booth back at the end of December. We framed all morning, grabbed lunch ad then headed to Whitney’s. Only 2 hours to do what we needed! AAGH! (Due to the quiet season, the craft malls shut early at this time of year!) We worked quickly and just finished by 5pm. The grid wall has allowed us to display a much greater amount of stock. It is not finished by any means but a big step froward. The rest will have to wait for a week or so now? Why? Tomorrow we head to Bartlesville, Oklahoma!

What are we going to Bartlesville for? Months ago, Michelle signed us up to go volunteer with her at Voice of the Martyrs for a week. If you remember, she lived in Bartlesville for nearly a year before heading to England and Europe. Of course, this was planned WAY before we purchased this business but it has motivated us to get things sorted this week and will definitely do us good to do something different. The kids are all coming with us as they will be able to work alongside us so will be a tremendous experience for them.

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