A rather expensive cup of hot chocolate!

It was definitely a Monday here today! Know what I mean?! Just before snack Daniel decided that he didn’t want the smoothie that I had planned on making but instead was going to make himself some hot chocolate. I stayed working on my computer until he had finished. He took his quart of chocolate (yes, he likes a lot) and went and sat down whilst reading a book on the Incas. Whilst I was blending the smoothies, Caleb let Hovis out. I had not realized that Daniel had not drunk any of his drink. You can guess what happened next! I was just about to pour the smoothies into glasses when Hovis flew across to see Daniel. (He should have put his drink up on the side as he knows that is the rule when Hovis is out but alas he didn’t.) SPLAT! SPLASH! MESS! Hovis knocked the entire cup all over Daniel and on the couch. What a mess! Everything had to be pulled out and cleaned. Took ages.

Moving the couch entails taking the tables off which is no big deal. However my computer was open on one. Daniel didn’t see that I had left a pen on my keyboard. He shut the lid, moved the computer to the chair and then proceeded to put a heavy box on top of it! Whoops! It wasn’t until later that I opened up my computer and went, “Oh no!” Richard has now had to order a replacement screen!

Such is life! I am still slogging away with all these images. The one advantage is that I have many of them ingrained on my brain so should make a good sales woman! LOL! I finally finished compiling many of the popular words and am now dong inventory on the sepai images. Alas many, I should say ALL, of these were not converted correctly or more accurately, uniformly so the colors of the letters do not match! That irks the heck out of me SO I am now going through and recoloring every single one. It’s not hard work but it is definitely time consuming. Time is running out here for us to get photos ordered so pressure is on, at lesat in my mind, but I am making progress.

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