Church in the dark followed by sledding!

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Sunday morning we awoke to snow! Real snow! First though it was time to get ready for church. When we arrived there was very little light. One of the phases was out. Our church owns the old Roy Rogers theatre here in Branson so it is a big building with two different phases of electricity. With no sound equipment we all crowded towards the front and then the lights went out completely! Thankfully there were the emergency lights on but still it was definitely dim. The cause of the problem? Someone had gone off the road and hit a major power pole! Oops! A few folks put on their cell phone lights and we all sang acapella which actually sounded wonderful hearing all the harmonies. Needless to say, without much light and no heat the service was short! Here’s what the strip looked like:

After lunch one of the security guards here at Treasure Lake offered to lend the kids his sleds so there was great excitement. Off we went up by the mini golf where there are a couple of decent hills. Thankful for a warm car to sit in as my poor feet did not want to stay out in that cold for very long! Anyone for a round of golf?

The boys are blessed to have two other boys camping close to us this winter so they have all been having fun together. Alas the temperatures started to plunge even further that evening. It is VERY unusual for snow to last long in Branson but it is more unusual for it to be SO cold! Here’s the road:

Needless to say nobody was on the walking path:

Nor was anyone resting on this bench:

The boys sledded again for an hour on Monday afternoon enjoying the fresh snow (5-6″) that had fallen earlier, but then it headed down to around -2 with a wind chill of -11. Let me tell you, it is no fun being in a fifth wheel in those temps! We do not have a skirt around the camper so the floor is COLD! Yesterday we didn’t get above 10F so apart from going to get propane, nobody went out. We do have electric heaters but once it gets into the single digits and below they cannot keep up. I left the hot tap in the kitchen dripping on Monday night and awoke to no cold water. Tuesday evening I left the cold tap dripping and we awoke this morning to no hot water! Aagh! The kids bathroom was completely frozen up. The upstairs bathroom has been working great but the washing machine pipes have not. (Richard and I are seriously considering heading south next winter 🙂 ) Today the sun came out and the temperature got to about 28. Amazing how much snow melted though with that snow.

Daniel and Caleb wet out for a couple hours to enjoy the last day of sledding. The washing machine finally started working so that was wonderful. The taps in the kids’ bathroom sink is now functioning but the toilet is still frozen somewhere. You have to smile as tonight when Richard went to wash the dishes he discovered the kitchen sink was backed up. Problem? The hose that runs from the tank to the sewer has completely frozen up on that line due to a slight incline! Oh my! In normal weather it is no issue but this weather has been far from normal. Thankfully we have two outlets here so upstairs and laundry are not affected.

I had just read an article today about the importance of parking your rig with windows facing the sun. When we parked here back in December I can honestly say we never even thought about that! Our biggest concern was finding a long enough pad to park the rig and truck on. (Some are way too short.) Our fifth wheel has two windows on one side and 9 windows on the other! If we had parked in the other direction we would have been WAY WAY colder. As it is, the sun streams in so on days like today we get the blessing of extra warmth for free. Not only that, all the external hoses are also facing the sun. SO SO thankful as our ignorance (lack of thought) could have made this cold spell even more miserable!



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