First hike of the year :)

Wednesday was a glorious day. With temps heading up near 60, we decided that after breakfast we would all get out for some exercise and fresh air. Cycling to the trail head, the bikes were parked and, we headed out into the woods (Conservation Area). Hovis came with us and we hiked up to the Lookout Tower by Route 76 in Branson. Michelle wasn’t working so also came along. It was a WONDERFUL walk and so nice to have the warmer temps again. Here is Hovis with Daniel and Hannah at the top getting a true bird’s eye view!

Alas the warm temps didn’t last long and we are back down in the cold but at least we got to enjoy that day. I am still snowed under with images for ABC Photo Art. I have been doing inventory on all the black and white photos, finally finishing entering them into a spreadsheet last night. Just to give you an idea of what I am working with here: As it stands right now, we have over 1200 different letters and over 11,000 actual photos! That last number is just for black and white! That kind of number blows my mind as whilst doing this we have also been retiring the images we didn’t like so started with WAY more! We have also been creating new ‘popular’ phrases (hope. faith, home etc.) which has and is still taking an amazing amount of time. I had really hoped to get to the end of all the black and whites today but that wasn’t to be. Our collection is really quite exhaustive and although I may have finished the regular A-Z letters I have not even begun looking at all the numbers, Greek letters etc. When that is finished I then have to start on the sepia! AAGH!

Deadlines are looming! We obtained another booth this week here in the Branson area which I will share more about later. Why on earth would we want two booths? Good question! The previous owners had attended quite a few of the shows in various states and provided us with the information on the best ones. As we looked at all the details, Richard and I just could not gel with it. We truly felt as if we were not ready to be on the road with this business, yet. As I was cleaning my teeth on Tuesday evening the name of another craft mall here in Branson dropped into my head. Talking it over with Richard, we agreed to sleep on it. Wednesday morning we both felt we needed to go take a visit and explore this possibility further, having no clue whether there would even be any openings. All I can say is that the perfect booth will be opening up Feb 1st at a most amazing price. (Special deal due to time of year.) We are VERY excited about this other opportunity so the plan is to not attend any shows this year. We want to get our feet firmly under us and truly get the business on solid ground. There is still the sourcing of frames and matting to do. We have a wealth of ideas in our heads but for now that is where they have to stay so that we can concentrate on getting what we have to the public before adding more!

Life is definitely not boring here and yes, we are still schooling the children and Richard is just as snowed under with website work. As our logo says: “Life is always an adVENTURE”!

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