Freezing our butts off at SDC!

Brrr… Although it is not as cold here as many other places in the country, it is COLD! (Have to say that I am not missing Montana at this time where the temps, where we used to live, are close to -50! I even made mention today that I cannot imagine why I wanted to milk cows in that frigid barn each day when we lived there!) Here today, in Branson, Missouri, it was in the teens. Daniel wanted to go to Silver Dollar City after church to see the Christian heavy rock band Disciple. (Silver Dollar City is open over New Year for the first time this year and has a variety of different acts in.)

Friends from Oklahoma were here at Treasure Lake this past week and because they had not seen the new lights at SDC (amazing!) we went out on Tuesday. It was cold enough then and sitting in those tram seats was definitely a little cool on the rear end. Today was even colder. The trams were put away yesterday and only buses were running today. When we were out there on Tuesday the only roller coaster in operation was Thunderation but that closed shortly after we arrived. Most of the other rides were also closed due to the unseasonably cold temperatures. Today SDC was nearly deserted. None of us had ever seen it so quiet with less than 1,000 people on the park. Of course that is not good for business but it meant that we didn’t have to wait in line for the shows.

We headed to Disciple first in the Opera House then we headed to the saloon for their special Radio Show. The Riverfront for AYO aka Voices of Glory followed that. If you have never heard this talented trio (siblings) sing you are missing out. They sing songs from most genres (not heavy rock) and their harmonies are superb. Kids had some Christmas money left so between each show we let them shop. The last show of the day for us was the juggler/magician Albert Lucas. We had never seen him before but once again, another talented performer. Getting home before dark it was time to warm up and eat! A good, fun, cold day. I’m not planning on going anywhere tomorrow as it is supposed to be even colder! Richard bought me/us a heated mattress pad for Christmas. You can bet we are making full use of it each night! Is the fifth wheel staying warm? That depends on how many times the kids open the main door! It’s really not that bad considering the low temps outside and nothing has frozen on us which is a real blessing. Hovis is not happy with these temps as it means that she cannot go outside but has to be content with flying around here but hey, the shortest day is behind us here in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! As we look back on 2017, let’s not dwell there. Take the good with you and leave the bad behind whilst looking forward to an exciting 2018. Dream big, dream wide, dream high, DREAM…. With those dreams, step out, take risks (nothing illegal or unsafe please), aim for higher things. Don’t settle for the mundane. Richard and I don’t plan to and we don’t want you to either. LIVE life to the fullest. You only get one chance and whether you like it or not, you will be a year older in this coming year!

Blessings to you all,


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  1. Janet Sisk says:

    Happy New Year! You all were brave to go out in the cold. You weren’t gonna catch me out last night here in MI. BRRRRRR!!!! BUT I have some good news. My hubby’s employer is relocating us to NC! YAY! I can’t wait to be back in the South, especially this time of year. We will be in Apex which is a suburb of Raleigh and the move is planned for the week of January 15th. 😀

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