Back in the Arts and Crafts business!

Last Wednesday we took a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri) and came home with a new business, ABC Photo Art. As we viewed this business and talked with the then owners, Richard and I were totally overwhelmed and yet ready for the challenge. It’s a good job we bought the size trailer that we did as we came home with that thing loaded! Where to start? We honestly had no clue but knew we had to do something. Building a website is obviously a must but Richard is so busy right now and with this being a complicated one, it could be months before we have that up & running. We wanted the trailer to be a place where we can create the art. No way do we have room in the fifth wheel or the desire to live with all that! This meant that some of the art, including all the paintings we purchased the week before, had to go somewhere.

Michelle made mention of someone having a booth in one of the local craft malls here in Branson. That planted a seed in my mind and so we started investigating. To cut a long story short we spent today setting up in a 5′ x 20′ booth. Goodness, what a job! Although it looks neat and tidy now, we are nowhere near finished but at least we have made a start. Why rent a booth at the quiet time of year? (Branson tourism virtually dies in January and February.) Although we have been in the craft industry in the past (rubber stamps), this venture is totally different and Richard and I have a LOT to learn! We need to be confident before the busy season hits. The plan is also to do some shows around the country in 2018. In order to accomplish that and do a good job, we need to have some idea of what is popular etc. Putting this booth together now allows us a place to display some of the inventory we purchased plus create new designs.

What exactly is ABC Photo Art? It consists of photos taken by the original owner, that have never been photo-shopped but items/places that are in the shape of letters. We have literally 1000’s of photos with letters from the entire alphabet and more. Many of those letters are themed. For example there is a complete alphabet created using antlers for hunters. If you are a Harley Davidson fan we even have letters photographed from a Harley! VERY VERY clever and unique.. We haven’t even begun to look at all the photos we bought as we still can hardly walk in the trailer. Hoping after tomorrow that will change so we can start creating our own creations. Not only do we need to learn how to cut all the matting, we need photo frames. You’d think that would be simple, right? There’s so much choice out there, that is also overwhelming but we have started researching.

Having the paintings has turned out to be a blessing as they have allowed us to fill a booth, giving us time to breathe whilst we learn this new trade. Exciting times ahead folks! My mind is brimming with ideas but alas I can’t put them into reality that fast! Hee Hee!

Blessings to you all this Christmas season,


4 Responses to “Back in the Arts and Crafts business!”

  1. Sue Swanson says:

    Good luck with this, but I have been to a number of art shows where there was someone selling these photo art letters….they were aggressive in their sales tactics and the they were very overpriced. I saw very little being sold. Be careful how much you invest into this.

    • liz says:

      Thanks for the warning. We have seen another art letter business too but ours is definitely different than that one. Trusting and praying for wisdom.
      Appreciate your comment,

  2. Patricia says:

    If your ever up this way I would be interested in putting some in Miscellany.

    • liz says:

      LOL! I heard you had bought back your old store. Hope it goes well for you. Who knows when we will be up in that area. Had hoped to come by this year but the fires sent us in another direction.

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