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Since before we left the farm, Richard and I have been wanting to get involved in an additional business that would teach the children how to not only run a business but also how to make money on their time. As you well know, Richard and I are entrepreneurs. We definitely do not walk to the beat of the standard drum! We want to give these kids the opportunity to do the same and think outside the box. HOWEVER to say inspiration has been lacking is an understatement. We have talked and talked but no bright lights have illuminated until now…..

Less than a couple weeks ago I woke up one morning and brought up the subject with Richard once again, admitting that part of me did not want to be bothered with a new business. Life is busy enough already and both of us know that teaching and training is not easy. On the other hand, we also know it is vitally important and I was of the opinion that if we did not do it now, we never would. By that I meant before the end of the year! LOL! Yes, you know I am not one to hang around once I make a decision. SO I started searching online. Last Tuesday two opportunities came across our path. One did not respond right away and the other resulted in us purchasing a large load of canvas wall art paintings at a very reasonable price! (I love wheeling and dealing!)

Wednesday we had to go pick up these paintings! Richard was supposed to be home but got called in for an extra paramedic shift! Help, Michelle! LOL! I had NO idea the room they would take up as some are on the extra large size. All boxed, it was a good job there was no rain in the forecast as we had to stack them neatly under the front of the fifth wheel and inside the underbelly. Of course that could not be a permanent home. That morning I had also received a call regarding the other opportunity and so it became imperative that we purchase a cargo trailer. This was something we had considered for quite some time when thinking about the future so with the decision made off we went.

What size to get? Hee! Originally looking at 6′ x 12′ ones we soon changed our minds and ended up with this:

It is 7′ wide by 16′ long and 7′ tall. As we have spent some time sorting the paintings and photographing them etc. we are SO glad we went for the bigger one. How are the kids going to be involved? Well, they have had to help us photograph, measure etc. We have given them each 10 paintings, the proceedings of which will go directly into their bank accounts so that next time when we find a good deal they can purchase some with their own money and build up from there. They have chosen the paintings they want and once we figure out how to list them on various sites etc. we will teach them how to do so themselves.

What about the other business? Did we get that? We are going to look at it tomorrow so I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, a good friend of ours passed away this morning. His wife and he spent many a day down here at Treasure Lake which is how we got to know them. His Celebration of Life service is on Saturday so we will be heading up towards Kansas City for that thus meaning that we miss the Treasure Lake Christmas party. That’s okay. There are some things in life you have no control over!

Oh, nearly forgot! The kids think it is pretty cool to be driving around in a rental car this week! One dark, cold night when we were at Michael and Jessie’s, Jessie’s younger brother left earlier than we did. The driveway is very narrow so nowhere to turn around. As Seth backed out, he didn’t see our truck! Oops! The damage could have been SO much worse but thankfully he just scraped along the wheel arch rim. Obviously we still had to get it fixed but there was not much time left up there so we opted to do it once we returned to Branson. This is the week so we are now driving around in a Kia. A little different than our truck but nippy.

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  1. George Kelly Wages says:

    I really enjoyed you story of your new adventure..would LOVE to see pictures..thanks for sharing.. also , Kia is a good little car..

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