3 months worth of mail…..

We arrived back at Treasure Lake this afternoon, seven days short of 3 months since we left on September 10th, and 6231 miles later! Wow! We had a fantastic trip but it feels good to be home and it wasn’t very many minutes before we met some old friends who will also be wintering here.

Michelle has been picking up our mail for us and paying in any checks. Most of the rest of it went in the bin! Only a few bits worth keeping. Like Michelle says, “It shows how much junk you get!” In all honesty the pile wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but that’s because we have cut down on a lot of paper bills and magazines over the years.

The last two weeks on the road have been amazing weather wise. We couldn’t have asked for better. Today it was 71F here! Felt like spring. Heading for a change but that’s okay as we are now set up and ready for the cold i.e. hoses are wrapped as is the outside tap!

Ready to get the Christmas season underway.



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