Thanksgiving in The Badlands

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Richard has been praying for several weeks that the temperatures for our drive home would be record highs. Last night when we arrived in Piedmont, SD it was very warm. This morning as we left it was 71F and in Rapid City it was 75F. The highest record to date was in 1984 when it reached 69F. The same day the following year it broke records for the record low at -14F! The Lord was obviously listening and records were broken today.

Never in my wildest imagination would I have ever thought we would have spent Thanksgiving in The Badlands! In fact I had never even considered it when planning this trip. HOWEVER when I woke up this morning and the weather was so nice, I was thinking of our route and it was just too good an opportunity to miss. I have driven through there at least twice but Richard had never been there before. The last time I was there was when we were transporting animals in May 2011. Caleb was only 18 months old so did not remember it at all. This time he was eager to climb!

We saw the prairie dogs, bison and even a couple of coyotes. Somehow we managed to miss the sheep this time although another visitor said they were out in full view! Oh well!

Our rig is absolutely filthy! The dirt from the snow and rain earlier in the trip has coated it in yuck! You can hardly see out the back windows! Guess what we’ll be doing once we arrive home?!

If you have never been to The Badlands of South Dakota, it is well worth the trip and is big rig friendly with most of the parking areas/view points being easily accessible. I did see one that was not but that was also clearly signposted to depict that also. If we had had more time today we would have taken one of the back country trails which is something we have yet to do. With the mild weather it would have been perfect.

It was a very enjoyable detour and great to get out and do some exercise. Meant we didn’t arrive at our next destination until 5:30 so dark but as it was still warmish and dry it didn’t take us long to set up and get settled.

Trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving,


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