Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one!

3 photos in this post.

Not being able to be in Idaho for Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to celebrate early. On Saturday we had everyone here for Roast Turkey etc. Yes, the oven in this fifth wheel was actually big enough to cook a 13lb turkey! VERY exciting! Christmas crackers were also on the menu. Fun! Here is Renzi pulling hers:

Of course with the crackers came the traditional hats and gifts hence the top picture of Michael and Daniel with Sydnee in the background. Below is Jessie, Renzi, Calli and Caleb all sporting their hats!

We were able to give the grandkids their Christmas presents in person for the FIRST time. SO much more fun seeing their faces as they discovered what was in each parcel.

Of course, that meant that ‘goodbyes’ were not too far away. Not sure about you but we HATE having to say ‘goodbye’. Sunday was that day though. After over 8 weeks with them we are now back on the road making our way south.



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