A walnut cracking Hovis

Not only has it been fruit season here but the nuts have also been ripening. A neighbor gave the children a VERY large bag of fresh walnuts and hazelnuts! Yum! Up until now Hovis’ beak has not been strong enough to crack open nuts although she enjoys shelled nuts every day. That is no longer true! At nearly 7 months old she LOVES to receive a whole walnut and get to cracking it herself!

Yes, that beak is getting sharper and thankfully we have a vacuum close by!



4 Responses to “A walnut cracking Hovis”

  1. Becky Phillips says:

    Way to go Hovis!! Cracked on.

  2. John hearn says:

    Are you headed back to Branson. Larry and Norma Sorenson are there now. I have been down since early October with back issues. Have an appt with a back surgeon on December 4th. How is Hanna ?

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