It’s a hard life…..

….. but someone has to do it! LOL! These were the exact words Richard shared with an EMS work colleague back in Missouri yesterday along with this photo.

Jess, myself and all the kids left Richard to make and grill burgers whilst we went pear picking and yes, we got quite a lot. The intention was to leave Michael some burgers to eat when he came home from work later that day but everyone, including all the kids, were hungry so we had to take more meat out and Richard grilled more for tea! Curious as to where the meat came from? Shortly after we arrived some cows appeared in the field next to us when we were out. As we cycled by them, both Richard and I made comment as to how good they looked and that they were ready for eating. About two days later we awoke to gun shots. Didn’t take us long to figure out that a mobile processing company was next door getting some beef! Richard went out and talked with the owner of the cows and she had half a beef left. We quickly said, “Yes, please” as it was grass fed, no antibiotics etc. It arrived last week and it is some of the best beef we have ever had. SO tender and very lean like we like. This was a totally unexpected blessing but one that is very much appreciated. Of course we had to pay for it but getting good quality meat is sometimes hard to find. Hence the reason there is plenty of ground beef for us all to enjoy at this time.

Back to the photo, we are SO blessed once again to live the life we do. By the time we get back to Missouri we will have been away 3 months! That is truly incredible. Yes, we have had to pull in our purse strings a little to do this but it has been so worth it. We love to cook anyway so eating out is not a biggie on our agenda. In fact we have only eaten out twice since we have been here. Once was when we picked Michelle up from the airport and got delayed/carried away thrift store shopping and the other was today when we took a trip to Coeur d’Alene to pick up some new Gamma Seals screw lids for our food storage buckets. Michael and Jessie introduced us to these lids and Richard was eager to get some as he was fed up with fighting bucket lids to get them off and then them being a pain to reseal. As we purchase a LOT of our food in bulk, 5 gallon buckets are what we use for storage. This protects the food from vermin, bugs and moisture etc. The Gamma outer ring fits on all standard buckets and then you screw the inner bit on and off as needed. When we got home tonight everything came out of our storage area and the new lids were put on. Now no more fighting lids! WinCo in Coeur d’Alene is the cheapest local place to purchase them at time of writing this blog post. (We checked online sources but nothing could beat what we paid – $7.44 a lid plus tax.) An expensive one-off purchase BUT we now know our buckets are most definitely sealed and it makes our lives easier. Not only that, the lids are made in the USA! We keep gallon jars inside the camper for daily use so are not constantly dragging the buckets out and opening them.

Counting our blessings,


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