Fall is here in all its beauty

Okay so I missed the most vibrant colors of this tree. Last week the fall/autumnal colors were absolutely stunning but I didn’t take any pictures! It then rained over the weekend along with the wind blowing like mad so I was sure when we got up on Sunday morning that there would be no leaves left on the trees. Wrong and the above picture proves it!

Although it was cool for a couple days it has now cleared out and the temperatures are in the 50’s and low 60’s, truly BEAUTIFUL! I know we have said this before but there is nothing like a western blue sky. We have been enjoying the weather and taking some bike rides along with doing the usual homeschooling stuff. The apples are nearly gone from the trees although Hannah has been managing to find at least one each day. I thought all the plums were gone but she has still managed to find a few of them each day also. Tomorrow we are going to pick d’Anjou pears from a friend’s house. Hopefully the deer will have left us some!

Of course we have been playing cards when time allows! Someone mentioned to me in Michael’s presence this evening how intense/crazy it is to play with him. He laughed and asked them where they thought he got it from! He then went on to explain how that when Richard, him, Michelle and I used to play Pinochle if the bid was not over 400 it was not worth playing. (For those who do not play, that is a HIGH bid!) For the record it has been YEARS since we have played Pinochle and both Richard and I need to take a crash course to remember it! Our favorite card games right now are 500 (12 rounds, 3 different partners) and Crush if more than four people playing. Spades and Hearts are also on the ‘menu’. I think we need to take out the Rook cards again too as it has been a while since we played that. Yes, we have a wide variety of cards and games here in the camper. If you come to visit, we will likely get them out 🙂

Hovis is malting badly! She looks REALLY scruffy! Her chest has gone back to looking mostly grey BUT we are seeing new feathers emerging. Her juvenile feathers are leaving and in their place are growing her bright ones, especially the red. She wasn’t too impressed with the cool, damp weather of the weekend but is much happier with the sunshine of this week.

For those wondering we are in Idaho for another 3 1/2 weeks. We extended our original leaving date by 3 weeks and very glad we did. Of course we will be sad to go but need to finish off the work year in Missouri so that they don’t think we have disappeared! Not that Richard isn’t busy working here. He just finished one big website and is now getting ready to write his first phone App so pretty exciting.



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