Caleb and Hovis Take 2!

Two pictures in this post.

It had been raining, in fact it was still drizzling when Caleb and Hovis were out playing. Hovis LOVES the rain. Richard had been outside with her for quite a while but Caleb wanted to continue playing so he came inside. A VERY short while later Caleb comes in crying saying that he had slipped on a wet log which in turn had scared Hovis so that she had flown off again! Yes, Hovis was attached to his wrist but his wrist is a little small so it had come off as he fell to the ground. Oh no!

This time Hovis was up a very tall tree down below the dyke right beside the St. Joe River! What to do? It was cold and damp but she didn’t seem at all perturbed, protected by all the leaves in the tree. We all stayed out there calling her for a while but to no avail. Richard did not want to call the fire brigade as a) we really didn’t want that embarrassment again and b) we could not see if her leash was actually caught like last time. In the end all but Richard came inside. We have trained Hovis to come to us when we pat our arm. It was only when she began to see that we were not there and Richard was also moving away, patting his arm, that she decided she really did want to come down.

Phew! What a blessing and relief to see our prayers answered. Down she flew and back inside. Hard to tell from the top picture how far up the tree she was but here is one from further away which still does not take in the entire tree!

Today, Richard put a slip knot of Caleb’s wrist so that even if he did slip Hovis could not fly away.

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