Helping Michael and Jess with their house

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When we first arrived Michael and Jess had only been in their new house/cabin less than a week. They built it from scratch with some help from friends. It is on skids so that it can be moved at a later date as the property they are on at this time is only rented. One of the first jobs was to hang some doors as there wasn’t even one on the bathroom! Then it was time to get the metal sheeting on the roof before the rains came. The roof was covered in plastic but that will only withstand so much so for two days Richard and Michael were up on scaffolding putting on the roof. Well actually, Michael was up on the roof whilst Richard was on the scaffolding!

At 14′ wide x 40′ long the cabin is bigger than our camper, smaller than a mini-house but not as big as most houses. Michael and Jess did a great job with the plans though and at either end there are lofts: one for their bedroom and the other for the girls. They had the whole inside and underneath spray foamed before moving in. Although expensive to do, it will save them a huge amount on electricity/heating. It is really warm in there.

With the roof on it was time to start fencing in a backyard for their dogs. Michael and Jess breed English Mastiffs which are BIG softies. It is getting close to the time when they will be expecting puppies so a shelter for them is also needed. Ever seen mastiffs on a trampoline? Here are Boaz (male) and Georgia (pet)!

One afternoon we took out water balloons for all the kids to play with. Renzi really got into it. Don’t you love the swim suit and wellies?!

Michelle has just gone home after being with us all for a week. Got to play a few rounds of cards and it was good being altogether as a family.



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