Apples galore!

This part of Idaho is known for its abundant apple, pear and plum trees. They are VERY plentiful and many people do not want the fruit, leaving it for the deer to eat it. Jessie put a post on Facebook asking if anyone had fruit they did not want and we have been busy ever since! Although we had to get rid of a lot of our stuff when downsizing to the fifth wheel one thing we kept was our dehydrator. It has been running almost constantly since we arrived drying apples, pears and now making plum leather. Michael and Jessie have the same size dehydrator as we do plus they have the space to keep home canned produce so we spent one day canning pears.

Apples on the above tree were on a hillside so a ladder was required. Michael was determined to get every last apple as we ran all over picking them up. These did get a little bruised but still made many bags of dried apple slices and apple sauce. The kids were excited when I made Applesauce Cake.

A true blessing for which we are very grateful.


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