MT – Day 30 – Cutting Nectarines with Renzi PLUS Smoothie Recipe :)

With the apricots out of the way it was time to work on some of the nectarines. We all LOVE fresh nectarines so some are being kept in the fridge. HOWEVER we cannot eat 80lbs of them! I have dehydrated nectarines before but with all the other dehydrated fruit that I have stashed away this year I opted to cut the nectarines into chunks and freeze them. I discovered that a nectarine smoothie is absolutely... read more

MT – Day 29 – Apricots!

Whilst not a fan of fresh apricots we do like them dehydrated and have a couple recipes that use them. About 9 miles from Michael and Jessie’s, between Kalispell and Columbia Falls is a small store called Glacier Produce. There you can purchase fruit in bulk at very reasonable prices. I headed that way and brought home 40lbs of apricots and 40lbs of nectarines. (More on the nectarines later.)... read more