MT – Day 21 – Pool Party

2 photos in this post. On Sunday afternoon, the church that Michael and Jess go to had a pool party at the local city pool in Columbia Falls. Everyone had a blast! The Pomeroy’s were probably the loudest of everyone! (Nothing new there!) Well, let me correct that. Michael (above, right) was probably the loudest one as he brought a load of powerful water guns so the fight was on! All had a great... read more

MT – Day 20 – A pair of posers!

4 pictures in this post. Caleb and Calli are like two peas in a pod and they both like to pose for the camera. Quite surprising on Caleb’s behalf seeing how shy he is! Anyways here they are at one of the local parks. We can easily cycle to this park from their house so the kids like Grandma to take them! Blessings,... read more

MT – Day 19 – Cedar Pics

6 photos in this post.  I had no idea, before Jessie told me, that cedar trees are hollow inside! Avalanche Lake Trail has a LOT of cedar trees, some of which are massive. Whilst they are definitely not as big as the Redwoods in California, they are still impressive. Probably about 3/4 of the way up the trail there is a large cedar tree that looks like it was recently cut. (Obviously fallen in the way of... read more

MT – Day 19 – Avalanche Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

5 photos in this post. Yesterday, all of us bar Michael, went to Glacier to hike the Avalanche Lake Trail. This is best accessed from the West Entrance as it is about 18 miles in on the Going To The Sun Road. There is NOT much parking available and arriving around noon we ended up parking in a pull-0ut 1 mile up from the trail. (We didn’t realize it was quite so far until we walked it!) On the round... read more

MT – Day 18 – Kayaking

7 photos in this post. Michael and Jess live in an idyllic place for being in town! Whilst only on 2+ acres the property that they are renting has a creek/slow river at the back to which they have access to via a nice green flat area. (There are only a few houses along the creek with access like theirs.) It is SO peaceful and quiet most of the time and mama duck comes by once in a while with all her... read more

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