Dehydrated peaches

It’s that time of year again when a LOT of fruit is ripening. Jessie (daughter-in-law) and I have been “lamenting” this week on the fact that we do not have access to free fruit this year. Last year, whilst in Idaho, we were blessed with SO many apples, pears, plums and elderberries she was kept busy for weeks sorting it all and our dehydrator ran constantly for a LONG time. (Due to... read more

Fantastic Caverns, Springfield, MO

8 photos in this post.   Today we had to go to Springfield for an appointment so decided to make a day of it, first by taking the kids to lunch and then, following our appointment, visiting Fantastic Caverns for the first time. So glad we did! Having seen the advertisements for years it was just one of those things we had never got around to doing. I’m sure you know that feeling well…. Several... read more

Guy Penrod closed out Southern Gospel Picnic

Changing things up this year, Guy Penrod was the artist/singer that closed out Silver Dollar City’s Southern Gospel Picnic last Monday. We did not go out there as much as we have done in the past this year not because we didn’t want to but just a lot of other stuff going on. HOWEVER we made sure we did not miss the last two evenings. (Jeff and Sheri Easter were there on Sunday evening.) Guy... read more

Look at the legs on this one!

Caleb was ecstatic when he caught this bullfrog last week! As you know, Caleb LOVES frogs and toads of any size but this year he has been especially fascinated with the bullfrogs that reside here at Treasure Lake. Believe it or not, he caught this one with his fishing rod. (The largest one to date.) He used a piece of hotdog and “teased” it close to the pond’s edge. This bullfrog was... read more

Acrobatic Hovis

3 pictures in this post.  Who needs to go watch a show when you have Hovis? Okay, I am just joking as the shows here in Branson are excellent. HOWEVER several months ago Richard made Hovis an outdoor perch not for us to leave her outside unattended but rather one that she can sit on when we are outside with her. At first she didn’t like it and/or was scared of it. Richard finally enticed her on to... read more