The importance of a dehumidifier in an RV!

Having shared with other camping folks this year the importance of s dehumidifier in an RV/fifth wheel/travel trailer etc., I figured it was time to put those words in writing. When we owned and lived in our travel trailer the condensation in the colder weather was AWFUL! Each morning we would have to wipe down every window and sometimes even the walls. Of course there were five of us and a dog living in... read more

Mr. (or Mrs.) Stick Insect :)

As I came out to the truck today this big fella was on the wing mirror. (Yes, he was upside down.) Not wanting to drive off and have him fall I found a long tool, let him walk on to it and then laid him on the plant area. He (or she) went off quickly, soon to be seen climbing the nearest tree. I really enjoy looking at God’s creation. Something like this is SO unusual. Take care,... read more


Yesterday was Hannah’s twelfth birthday! Wow! Originally wanting to go to White Water we persuaded her to to change her mind and go watch Samson instead due to the forecasted thunderstorms. (As it turned out, there was no rain but it was a dreary, humid day.) This is the first year at Sight and Sound here in Branson for Samson. The place was packed! We attended the 3:30pm performance and were sat... read more

From S’s to petals!

Three photos in this post.  Our day started at White Water. I was expecting huge crowds and truly not looking forward to it BUT one of the Caleb’s friends was having a birthday and so we were invited to join them. White Water (a water park here in Branson) was SO quiet when we arrived I wondered if it was open. Our first stop was the Wave Pool and there was hardly anyone in it! The kids had a blast... read more

Our new corner booth

Two photos in this post.  Going from deep purple to light grey we are thrilled with the transformation of our new “home” at Branson Mill. Richard and I had to laugh as we painted this booth because this is the second time in our lives that we have eliminated a purple “monster”! What in the world am I talking about? For those of you who have followed us since the beginning of this... read more