Elderberry Syrup

2 photos in this post. Last winter we purchased Elderberry Syrup during the cold season but it was rather expensive. I happened to mention something to Jess about it or she said something to me, can’t remember! Anyways, she knew where there were some elderberry trees so last Friday off we went up a gravel road. Sydnee LOVES to climb trees so she was extremely helpful in pulling the big branches down... read more

Plum Fruit Leather

Large purple plums are SO plentiful here that we are having a hard time keeping up with them and there is no way we can eat them all fresh even though they are delicious. Dehydrating them in halves takes a LONG time so we decided to experiment with fruit leather. Yum! Yum! (Picture above actually shows both golden plum and purple plum leather.) It has turned out really well so here is our recipe. Be... read more

Apples galore!

This part of Idaho is known for its abundant apple, pear and plum trees. They are VERY plentiful and many people do not want the fruit, leaving it for the deer to eat it. Jessie put a post on Facebook asking if anyone had fruit they did not want and we have been busy ever since! Although we had to get rid of a lot of our stuff when downsizing to the fifth wheel one thing we kept was our dehydrator. It has... read more