It’s a hard life…..

….. but someone has to do it! LOL! These were the exact words Richard shared with an EMS work colleague back in Missouri yesterday along with this photo. Jess, myself and all the kids left Richard to make and grill burgers whilst we went pear picking and yes, we got quite a lot. The intention was to leave Michael some burgers to eat when he came home from work later that day but everyone, including... read more

Fall is here in all its beauty

Okay so I missed the most vibrant colors of this tree. Last week the fall/autumnal colors were absolutely stunning but I didn’t take any pictures! It then rained over the weekend along with the wind blowing like mad so I was sure when we got up on Sunday morning that there would be no leaves left on the trees. Wrong and the above picture proves it! Although it was cool for a couple days it has now... read more

Caleb and Hovis Take 2!

Two pictures in this post. It had been raining, in fact it was still drizzling when Caleb and Hovis were out playing. Hovis LOVES the rain. Richard had been outside with her for quite a while but Caleb wanted to continue playing so he came inside. A VERY short while later Caleb comes in crying saying that he had slipped on a wet log which in turn had scared Hovis so that she had flown off again! Yes,... read more

Helping Michael and Jess with their house

4 photos in this post When we first arrived Michael and Jess had only been in their new house/cabin less than a week. They built it from scratch with some help from friends. It is on skids so that it can be moved at a later date as the property they are on at this time is only rented. One of the first jobs was to hang some doors as there wasn’t even one on the bathroom! Then it was time to get the... read more

Elderberry Syrup

2 photos in this post. Last winter we purchased Elderberry Syrup during the cold season but it was rather expensive. I happened to mention something to Jess about it or she said something to me, can’t remember! Anyways, she knew where there were some elderberry trees so last Friday off we went up a gravel road. Sydnee LOVES to climb trees so she was extremely helpful in pulling the big branches down... read more

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