MO to AZ – 4 states in 4 days

Leaving Missouri on Sunday we headed into Oklahoma. From there we went across the panhandle of Texas, staying in Amarillo on Monday night. Tuesday saw us in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we had the pleasure of meeting up with our good friends Kevin and Toni who I first met in September 1983! Although the kids and I caught up with them in 2011 when we were traveling to California to pick up our 48 St.... read more

Cuddles with Hovis

3 photos in this post One day this week Hovis had had a VERY long and busy day being out with us all. When we came home she needed cuddle time with Richard. Yes, he spoils her rotten but she loves it! When we purchased Hovis, the owners of the sanctuary told us to start training her to go on her back from a young age as long as she did not have a full crop. I listened and did this. Caleb saw me and so... read more