Legacy Five starts off Southern Gospel Picnic

3 photos in this post. Thursday saw the start of Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City here in Branson. Legacy Five was the group this year to start off the first night at Echo Hollow. GOOD performance. Richard is working some crazy hours in the three weeks we are home so that we can head out again for about 8 weeks! This means that he is not going to get to enjoy much of the music this year. He... read more

4,700 miles and we are back at Treasure Lake :)

What a trip! What a blast! Have to say though that by the end of it we were all glad to be home here at Treasure Lake. It really didn’t help that the three of the last four days of traveling were LONG. Why? Well, Thursday, upon leaving Bryce we took Route 12 across Utah. Route 12 is the scenic route and having read in an RV magazine that it was big rig friendly I figured this would be a nice drive.... read more

Bryce Canyon, Utah – our #1 pick!

11 photos in this post. If we had to pick a #1 destination from our 3 week trip out west Bryce Canyon would be it! Incredible does not even begin to describe this place BUT to really enjoy it you have to walk down among the hoodoos and other formations and look up. You won’t see the best of it just from the rim. BE PREPARED for some steep climbs though! Here is the Wall of the Windows from below:... read more

Weeping Rock at Zion National Park, Utah

5 photos in this post. After our long walk up The Narrows the desire for any more hikes had most definitely disappeared! However there were still a couple sights we wanted to see so on our way back we stopped at Big Bend to take some photos, hopping off one shuttle and getting back on the next one. From there we went one stop further south to No. 7, Weeping Rock. As described in the official park paper... read more

The Narrows at Zion National Park, Utah

6 photos in this post. Not known for our shyness we talked with many different nationalities on our trip. Whilst at the Grand Canyon we met two Dutch families from The Netherlands. One family biked the same route as we did, the other one we met on our bike ride when we stopped at one of the look-outs. As we talked about our travels and theirs they informed us that they had already been to Zion National... read more

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