30 years ago today Richard and I said, “I do”. 20 years ago today Richard, myself, Michelle and Michael started out on our new life here in the USA! (Apologies for the quality of the pics!) Getting ready to fly out from Heathrow Wow! Our marriage and life has definitely been an adventure and one we could never in our wildest imagination ever come up with by ourselves. Richard and I are feeling... read more

Church Picnic

Hovis got to experience her first church picnic. At first she was a little on the scared side but Richard held her most of the afternoon and she got a LOT of attention! We are blessed to have some extremely talented and professional musicians and singers at Faith and Wisdom Church. Of course our pastor, Gary McSpadden, sang with the Gaithers for many years. This “group” which included Gary and... read more

My new harness!

Scarlet Macaws, as you know, are brightly colored. This makes them very susceptible to being attacked if let out in the wild. Yes, macaws are not predators but rather they are prey. What this means is that Hovis can never be allowed to fly freely. HOWEVER it does not mean that she will never fly. I guess you could say we had three options: Never let her outside. Clip her wings disabling her ability to... read more

Riding the Ducks again!

Five pictures in this post.   Our wonderful friends Tim and Connie surprised us with a visit last weekend. It was truly lovely to catch up with them again. Friday night was the Gaither Vocal Band concert up in Springfield. We had purchased some spare tickets so were so excited that they were able to join us. It was an EXCELLENT concert! Tim and Connie had always wanted to go to one but this was their... read more


This is the second season for Moses here in Branson at the Sight and Sound Theatre. We had tried to get in once last year but it was full. One day a couple weeks ago we decided to go to a matinee performance. It was superb! Well worth seeing if you haven’t already.... read more

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