Meet Miss Hovis Scarlet Pomeroy :)

3 photos in this post  Oh my, oh my! If you thought we were ‘crazy’ already then you’ll just be reassured of your correctness now! Hee! As I shared in my last post, we had a blast at Parrot Mountain, spending a long time interacting with parrots of all shapes and sizes. The kids loved them too so it was only natural that everyone thought buying a parrot would be a good idea. As Richard... read more

Parrot Mountain, Pigeon Forge, TN

Five pictures in this post We kept our Tennessee vacation pretty low budget, not spending much on many of the ‘money grabbing’ activities that are available in a tourist town. Yes, we ate out more than normal but also did a lot of cooking too. As soon as we arrived in Pigeon Forge, the kids picked up some of the tourist leaflets. Apart from the attractions that I have already mentioned in... read more

The Island Fountains, Pigeon Forge, TN

Having watched the fountains many times at The Landing in Branson plus experienced many of the ones in Las Vegas, we could not not go to the ones in Pigeon Forge at The Island. EVERYONE needs to see them if in the vicinity! Why? Even if you are vacationing on a low budget you can afford to see these and the others I have mentioned as they are FREE! We went down Thursday evening at dusk. The fountains here... read more

Cade’s Cove, Smoky Mountains. TN

4 photos in this post  Although nearly always hazy, the Smoky Mountains were ‘calling’ us on Tuesday so off we headed. (Once there you don’t see the haze.) Before we even reached Cade’s Cove we stopped to walk to Laurel Falls. An uphill, paved climb it was definitely worth it. Of course once at the Falls the challenge was to climb down to the bottom safely: Cade’s Cove is an... read more

Dollywood, TN

5 photos in this post  Yes, we are in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! It has been a BUSY but FUN week with all of us going to bed late and getting up late! We arrived here last Saturday and will start to make our way home tomorrow. With half a day at Splash Country and two and a half days at Dollywood we covered a good lot of miles. The kids rode all the rides they wanted to but even Hannah wouldn’t ride... read more

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