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MT – Day 48 – Custer’s Last Stand

For all you history buffs, you will know that Custer’s Last Stand took place at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (Little Bighorn Battlefield) in Montana. Whilst we have driven by this several times, this was the first time we stopped. Having talked to the lady at the campground where we spent the night, she advised us NOT to take our rig but to leave it parked for as long as we wanted and just go in... read more

MT – Day 26 – Fixing the bathroom floor!

Yes, this trip has not been all fun and games. Richard continues to work on websites and remotely for Treasure Lake whilst also getting stuff fixed on the camper. It was not long after we got the camper (April 2017) that we noticed the bathroom floor was not as stable as it should be. There is a heating vent in line with the toilet and it is where everyone stands which would not be an issue if the... read more

MT – Day 12 and 13 – Cleaning Rig Days

As you can imagine the fifth wheel and truck were FILTHY after that long trek across country. (Picture shows camper before it was clean!) With temps in the 70s it was the perfect weather to clean both rigs. Normally we are done in a day but alas, Richard discovered a lot of tar splashes up one side of the camper. What a pain to get off! It took ages so it was not until Saturday evening that we actually... read more

MT – Day 11 – Hungry Horse Dam

3 photos in this post. Nearly there! Leaving Glacier National Park we had some time to kill before arriving at Michael and Jessie’s. (As Caleb reminded me when I said this, Tock doesn’t like it when you kill time. Those who have read The Phantom Tollbooth will know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not, you have missed out on a GREAT childhood classic that can be read at any age.)... read more

MT – Day 10 – Baring, St. Mary and Virginia Falls Hike

8 pictures in this post. Unlike Yellowstone Park, big rigs are NOT allowed to drive through Glacier on the Going-To-The- Sun Road. (The road is too narrow!) This changed our plans a little, which turned out to be a really good thing due to the weather that came in later in the day, hence hiking to Apikuni Falls last evening. Maximum length for driving through the park is 21ft, maximum width is 8ft. Our... read more

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