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Hovis at The Badlands

5 photos in this post.  Hovis has not enjoyed the days in the last few weeks when it has been damp and cold. Although she would go outside it was not long before she was shivering and wanting to be back in. Today was a different matter! She wanted to be outside first thing as the sun was shining and it was warm. Richard took her out before breakfast as the kids were already outside playing and then of... read more

Hovis at Lookout Pass

Stopping at the rest area on Lookout Pass, Montana yesterday, it was time to stretch our legs. Of course that meant that Hovis had to get out of the truck also to stretch her wings! What would she think of the snow? She loved it just like she does the rain. Flap, flap, flap. Her bright adult plumage is beginning to come through. She has been molting pretty badly recently but the snowy background really... read more

A walnut cracking Hovis

Not only has it been fruit season here but the nuts have also been ripening. A neighbor gave the children a VERY large bag of fresh walnuts and hazelnuts! Yum! Up until now Hovis’ beak has not been strong enough to crack open nuts although she enjoys shelled nuts every day. That is no longer true! At nearly 7 months old she LOVES to receive a whole walnut and get to cracking it herself! Yes, that... read more

Fall is here in all its beauty

Okay so I missed the most vibrant colors of this tree. Last week the fall/autumnal colors were absolutely stunning but I didn’t take any pictures! It then rained over the weekend along with the wind blowing like mad so I was sure when we got up on Sunday morning that there would be no leaves left on the trees. Wrong and the above picture proves it! Although it was cool for a couple days it has now... read more

Caleb and Hovis Take 2!

Two pictures in this post. It had been raining, in fact it was still drizzling when Caleb and Hovis were out playing. Hovis LOVES the rain. Richard had been outside with her for quite a while but Caleb wanted to continue playing so he came inside. A VERY short while later Caleb comes in crying saying that he had slipped on a wet log which in turn had scared Hovis so that she had flown off again! Yes,... read more

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