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My new harness!

Scarlet Macaws, as you know, are brightly colored. This makes them very susceptible to being attacked if let out in the wild. Yes, macaws are not predators but rather they are prey. What this means is that Hovis can never be allowed to fly freely. HOWEVER it does not mean that she will never fly. I guess you could say we had three options: Never let her outside. Clip her wings disabling her ability to... read more

Sleeping in Daddy’s arms!

Just like a young child, Hovis can get tired and cranky. She thinks she needs to be out playing when what she really needs to do is to be in her nest sleeping. One evening last week Richard was working at Silver Dollar City. When he came in and sat on the floor Hovis was up on his lap in a shot. She was tired so it was not very long before she was nodding off! Very sweet! Hovis was also very tired last... read more

I perched for the first time :)

Hovis learned to perch at 7 weeks old! Now there is no stopping her! She is quite the character. Although still living in her nest she can get out easily and we will be glad when her cage arrives in order to safely contain her when we are not around. The cage was supposed to be delivered today but the delivery truck did not arrive so we are hoping for tomorrow. Blessings,... read more

Hovis @ 6 weeks

Hovis continues to develop at a fast rate. I’m a little late with this post so she was actually six weeks old last week. It’s truly incredible how many feathers she grew in two weeks and yet she is still bald or with baby feathers on many areas. Here she is sat on my lap whilst we were playing cards: Every day we take her for a walk around the park at least once, most times twice. Why? This is... read more

Meet Miss Hovis Scarlet Pomeroy :)

3 photos in this post  Oh my, oh my! If you thought we were ‘crazy’ already then you’ll just be reassured of your correctness now! Hee! As I shared in my last post, we had a blast at Parrot Mountain, spending a long time interacting with parrots of all shapes and sizes. The kids loved them too so it was only natural that everyone thought buying a parrot would be a good idea. As Richard... read more