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Cuddles with Hovis

3 photos in this post One day this week Hovis had had a VERY long and busy day being out with us all. When we came home she needed cuddle time with Richard. Yes, he spoils her rotten but she loves it! When we purchased Hovis, the owners of the sanctuary told us to start training her to go on her back from a young age as long as she did not have a full crop. I listened and did this. Caleb saw me and so... read more

A New Awning

3 photos in this post  One of our two awnings broke the second night we were in the camper way back in April. A storm came through and although the awnings have automatic sensors we believe the wind took the one before it had a chance to retract. (We are WAY MORE vigilant now, retracting them ourselves when we think a storm is coming!) It has taken all this time for things to get sorted and a new one to... read more

Hovis’ first ride on a fire truck!

8 photos in this post! Please note that the title says “on” not “in”! Richard was not due to work at Silver Dollar City until noon as he is working until after midnight tonight! (Moonlight/Midnight Madness) We figured we would cook breakfast outside and have a relaxing morning before he headed out and the kids and I went grocery shopping. Hah! I put Hovis’ harness on her and... read more

Not an inch to spare!

Oh my! Today was the first time we have packed up the fifth wheel with Hovis’ cage! We had thought we would just be able to turn it 90°. WRONG! That worked for bringing the living room slide in but then we realized the kitchen slide would not be able to come in. OH NO! Rotating it back again, putting a cloth on both edges to prevent rubbing (damage) we then brought the kitchen slide in very... read more

Hovis’ first bike ride!

Two pictures in this post  Two weeks ago, at 9 weeks old, Hovis took her first bicycle ride. We needed to go up to the clubhouse here at Treasure Lake for something so thought we would take Hovis with us. How would she do? Would she fall off? Hovis LOVED it! She stayed on Richard’s shoulder and rode all the way there and back. (Sorry about the quality of the pic as I was on my bike as well!) That... read more

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