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The First Potato Harvest

Wednesday evening when the temps had cooled down a little we dug up about a third of our potato crop. We had planted Coopers & Yukons as that was all the store had left when we went to buy seed potatoes. We are guessing that the Coopers are an early potato as those were the vines that died back first. (The Yukons are still green.) We planted about 25lbs of Coopers & harvested around 200lbs which... read more

Gallons of plums!

We picked 3 1/2 gallons of plums on Sunday morning plus at least 2 gallons of rotten/split ones. We cleaned up the area so that now it is much easier to pick up the freshly fallen ones each day. The rotten ones don’t go to waste, the pigs are enjoying them each day. Yesterday I cut the grass for only the second time this year! Yep, the sheep have really kept it down but once the grass gets seed... read more


Daniel & Hannah picked 2 gallons of plums this morning! When we moved here we had no idea what some of the trees were going along the front fence line but this past spring we asked someone who was visiting & they told us they were Wild Plums! The trees are loaded this year! Of course the blossoms were beautiful but now we are enjoying the fruit. At first Daniel & Hannah were a little... read more

A nice cool morning…..

…. just right for picking blackberries. Michelle came with me this time. She started at the bottom & I went to the top & worked my way down. We picked another 1 1/2 gallons. Don’t seem to be able to get more than that in a picking but the bushes are loaded with berries still to ripen & now the other bushes that were not bearing at all are starting to come in so we still have... read more

Blackberry Picking

What an adventure for the kids to discover the beauty of blackberries growing on the verges so close to the house today. It all happened thanks to Hannah & Caleb. This morning when we went to move the lambs Hannah came up with purple hands asking how it had happened?! I asked her what she had been playing with & so she led us to the blackberries. I had NO idea we had blackberries around so this... read more

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