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MT – Day 23 – Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

7 photos in this post. The day we drove to Logan Pass when we were camped by St. Mary on the east side, the rain was coming horizontally in sheets! It was miserable. Having done some more research and knowing how busy the parking is at Logan Pass, we deliberately left our visit there until later in the day actually arriving up there at 7pm. This time we were driving from West Glacier. Someone had warned... read more

MT – Day 23 – McDonald Falls, Glacier National Park

3 photos in this post. At first glance, McDonald Falls seems like a boring stop by the roadside as the viewpoint is quite a ways down from the falls and not that clear. Never fear, there is a way down! As we were looking at the falls, we realized that there were people on the opposite end (east) of the pull-in right on top of the falls. How to get there! The kids soon discovered an... read more

MT – Day 23 – Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

3 photos in this post. Well, I just discovered that earlier this week, starting with the “A Pair of Posers” post, I messed up and managed to lose 2 days! Whilst I have now updated the posts with the correct days it may seem to you who have been keeping up with us that I have gone back in time! LOL! Lake McDonald is 10 miles long, a mile wide in places along with being 472ft deep at its deepest... read more

MT – Day 19 – Avalanche Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

5 photos in this post. Yesterday, all of us bar Michael, went to Glacier to hike the Avalanche Lake Trail. This is best accessed from the West Entrance as it is about 18 miles in on the Going To The Sun Road. There is NOT much parking available and arriving around noon we ended up parking in a pull-0ut 1 mile up from the trail. (We didn’t realize it was quite so far until we walked it!) On the round... read more

MT – Day 11 – Made it after 2210 miles!

2210 miles, 8mpg and we made it to Michael and Jessie’s 🙂 Yes, that mileage is longer than the distance to get here but we took a lot of side trips. That is the reason we averaged 8mpg due to not pulling the camper at all times. Michael had done a lot of work/preparation in order for us to be able to park beside their garage but it was still a challenge to get in, taking quite a bit of time, back... read more

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