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Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center in Los Angeles

5 pictures in this post. Wow! Wow! Wow! Yes the trip into the California Science Center in LA was once again long and traffic filled BUT getting to see the Endeavour was definitely worth it. (Thanks Nathan!) At this time of year you have to prebook your time but it’s only $2 a person and worth every cent. First you are taken through a museum/exhibit of sorts which provides the visitor with lots of... read more

Santa Monica, CA

4 photos in this post. Ever since we started planning this trip we promised the children that we would take them to the beach. Being based in Missouri going to the beach on a regular basis is just not practical nor possible. As soon as we arrived in California the kids kept asking when we were going to go so very excited to find our way there on Wednesday. Soft sand and warm water awaited us. Our kids had... read more

California here we are – Griffith’s Observatory

2 photos in this post. Nathan and Emily live in Victorville which is in the high desert of California. Monday was a LONG, HOT day driving through the Mojave Desert on what must be one of the most boring stretches of interstate (I40) out there. Not to mention that we ended up stuck in traffic and so it was dark by the time we arrived at the campground in Adelanto, just a few miles from Victorville.... read more

Grand Canyon – Day 4 of 4

11 photos in this post. Everyone came to breakfast at the camper so no one was in a rush to really get moving. Above is a picture of Richard and Jackie, his older sister by 11 years. (He has another one 15 years old. Yes, he’s the baby of the family!) Here is Paul and Daniel: After walking for a while letting Paul and Jackie experience the Grand Canyon for the first time, we started the drive out to... read more

Hovis at the Grand Canyon AND the BIG surprise – Day 3 of 4

7 photos in this post  What got more photographed when we took Hovis to the Grand Canyon? The canyon or Hovis? In all honesty it was the canyon BUT Hovis did get a LOT of photos taken. It was quite amusing to see folks walking/running behind Richard with their cameras clicking. Of course some also stopped and talked. She is a wonderful ice breaker and truly brightens up people’s days. (Even today a truck... read more

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