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Mad River, California plus Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park

How many of you have ever driven the road (Rt 36) from Susanville through to Red Bluff & then onto Eureka? The road from Susanville to Red Bluff is fine – a little windy but nothing major. But then the road changes! It took us 3 hours to drive theĀ 100 miles from Red Bluff to Mad River. Mad River is a little community way, way in the mountains. It’s official population is 35. I had to... read more

Native Milking Shorthorns

From Wyoming we headed through Utah. Took Interstate 80 right through the Salt Flats. The sun was starting to go down & it was a little hazy so not able to take any photos. That night we stayed in Wendover. Honestly was not impressed & couldn’t understand why the hotels were so stinking expensive. Loads of people around too. Next morning, I met an Australian who informed me that they had... read more

In Cheyenne, WY

Monday morning we managed to leave by 7:40am! We had hoped to pack the truck on Sunday evening but we had the worse thunderstorm since we moved to MO. Yes it was bad! We even had water coming in the barn where water doesn’t normally come & as for the poor chicks – they were flooded within minutes as the rain was SO heavy – puddles everywhere. Richard & I went out to rescue them... read more

In Birmingham, Alabama!

Hey folks! Hope your week has been a good one. We left home on Sunday, heading up through KY, WV & finally into PA for a visit with great friends on Tuesday. We got into Breezewood, PA around 2pm on Tuesday so it gave us some time to catch up. We had not seen Jonathan, Tracy & their three boys since they visited us in Montana 6 years ago so a visit was long overdue. Of course the kids have grown... read more

Our “home” in Palmer, Alaska

As I have told you already, Linda, the lady we took horses to Alaska for, graciously allowed us to use their rental home to stay in whilst we were there. That was a HUGE blessing. Hotels are expensive in Alaska & without this blessing we would not have been able to stay & vacation. SO I thought I would show you where we stayed: The next picture shows you the view from their house. I purposely... read more

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