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MT – Day 35 – Cooking on the Campfire

2 photos in this post. Caleb and Easton both LOVE having bonfires. The other evening though they wanted to cook a meal on it so I got out our big camping skillet. Michael rigged up the copper piping to hold it in place over the flames and between us we provided the kids with onion, corn, turkey, cheese and mushrooms. Some of you may remember the kids used to do this regularly when we were on the farm.... read more

MT – Day 30 – Cutting Nectarines with Renzi PLUS Smoothie Recipe :)

With the apricots out of the way it was time to work on some of the nectarines. We all LOVE fresh nectarines so some are being kept in the fridge. HOWEVER we cannot eat 80lbs of them! I have dehydrated nectarines before but with all the other dehydrated fruit that I have stashed away this year I opted to cut the nectarines into chunks and freeze them. I discovered that a nectarine smoothie is absolutely... read more

MT – Day 29 – Kayaking at Foys Lake

2 photos in this post. What a gorgeous lake! Whilst there is no beach and quite a steep climb to get down, it’s worth it! Here are Sydnee and Daniel. Yes the water really is this color! Why? The minerals in the glacial run-off. This lake is also not muddy. Jessie tells me that this lake is the non-tourist area. It was not crowded like many of the other lakes in this area. That is an island that you... read more

MT – Day 22 – Easton’s 11th Birthday

Monday was Easton’s 11th birthday, the first with her ‘forever’ family. Sweet girl and proud to be her grandparents.... read more

MT – Day 21 – Pool Party

2 photos in this post. On Sunday afternoon, the church that Michael and Jess go to had a pool party at the local city pool in Columbia Falls. Everyone had a blast! The Pomeroy’s were probably the loudest of everyone! (Nothing new there!) Well, let me correct that. Michael (above, right) was probably the loudest one as he brought a load of powerful water guns so the fight was on! All had a great... read more

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