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Helping Michael and Jess with their house

4 photos in this post When we first arrived Michael and Jess had only been in their new house/cabin less than a week. They built it from scratch with some help from friends. It is on skids so that it can be moved at a later date as the property they are on at this time is only rented. One of the first jobs was to hang some doors as there wasn’t even one on the bathroom! Then it was time to get the... read more

Apples galore!

This part of Idaho is known for its abundant apple, pear and plum trees. They are VERY plentiful and many people do not want the fruit, leaving it for the deer to eat it. Jessie put a post on Facebook asking if anyone had fruit they did not want and we have been busy ever since! Although we had to get rid of a lot of our stuff when downsizing to the fifth wheel one thing we kept was our dehydrator. It has... read more

We’re in Idaho :)

We actually arrived in Idaho nearly a week ago but have not stopped much since doing so! School started back this week so that has been a little challenging! We are staying in town as where Michael and Jessie are right now is about 20 minutes out and there is no space for us. They are still finishing their cabin and in fact, tomorrow Richard and Michael are going to be putting on the metal sheets for the... read more

Norris Geyser Basin then and now!

4 photos in this post. As we were walking around Yellowstone, Richard and I, along with the kids, were trying to remember when we brought Daniel and Hannah. We knew Hannah had been in a stroller and we also knew that we had made the trip to pick up a milk cow in Idaho. We thought it was probably 2008, maybe early 2009. WRONG! As we came back into Yellowstone on Monday and went up to Norris Geyser Basin I... read more

Sunday at Yellowstone

5 photos in this post. Sunday was sunny and relatively warm. This was the day for pulling the fifth wheel through Yellowstone from east to west stopping to view sites on the way. (SO glad we delayed our trip a day and did not do this on Saturday!) Our first stop was Gull Point Drive, a place we had not visited previously. Here the kids ran along the water front and enjoyed some fresh air as did Hovis. We... read more

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