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Crazy Golf on a Sunday evening

Two photos in this post. Just like most of the rest of the country we are under a “Stay-at’home” order. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that we cannot get out and about for which I am SO thankful. Whilst the main buildings, including the game room, are shut here at Treasure Lake, Caleb was blessed last year to find six golf clubs and numerous golf balls by one of the dumpsters. (Someone... read more

17, a Driver’s Permit and a new set of wheels :)

Daniel made a big step into adulthood this past week. Last Tuesday he passed the test to obtain his driver’s permit. On Wednesday he turned 17 and on Saturday we picked up his “new to him” wheels. SO proud of him. The pick-up truck is a 1999 S10 with over 200,000 miles on it but that’s okay. He saved up the money to purchase it for cash. It belonged to friends of ours so has been... read more

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

Wow! A little hard to believe we have just started 2020. For the first time in MANY, MANY years I did not get a Christmas newsletter written. I normally have it printed and mailed before Thanksgiving but this year that date crept up on me and then I thought I would send out a New Year’s one. Well, sorry to disappoint you if you are one of those who normally receive our newsletter, it’s not... read more

Happy Christmas to you all!

3 photos in this post. I trust you all had a blessed Christmas Day. See what a good friend from England sent us this year? Yum! Yum! British (or Canadian) made Cadbury’s chocolate is the best and I don’t know the last time we had Thornton’s. What a treat and no, we have not eaten it all in one day! Richard made Hovis a Christmas present yesterday: Parrot toys are expensive and Hovis... read more

Fritz’s Adventure

8 pictures in this post. For Caleb’s 10th birthday a couple weeks ago, he wanted to go to Fritz’s Adventure here in Branson. This was an attraction we had talked about often but never been. It is actually pretty cool with lots of different activities for the kids to partake/climb in. Caleb LOVED the plane suspended from the ceiling above. To get to it one way you have to go through this wire... read more

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