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Saying “Goodbye” to an old workhorse

We purchased our Suburban over 6 years ago from neighbors just down the road from us. It has truly been a workhorse for us and taken us many, many miles. We were surprised when it passed inspection two years ago and it truly has been the grace of God that has kept it running this long. Everyone could hear us coming due to its squeaking and the poor thing was hard to miss with all its dents and dings. For... read more

Caleb and his lizard

3 photos in this post. I can promise you that none of these photos have been photo-shopped! Caleb took these photos this morning with my phone. The lizard obviously stood still long enough for him πŸ™‚ Just had to share them as they are SO cute. Caleb is in lizard heaven right now. We only allow him to keep each one for approximately 2 days and then he releases it back into the wild and goes hunting for a... read more

The view from our window

2 photos in this post. Happy Monday to you all πŸ™‚ This was the view from our window yesterday morning. Not a lot of snow but enough for the kids to be excited about and for a few snowballs to be thrown. They even went sledding with some other kids on Saturday! There are only 10 campers in this phase right now. Although we enjoy seeing lots of folks here it is refreshing to have it quiet for a while. Did... read more

Ozark Community Christmas

All I can say is that we are SO blessed and privileged to live in Branson where there are SO many top-notch performers! Okay, so you know I have way more to say than that! Let’s back up to last week! On Wednesday morning we heard the tragic news that our good friend Mendie, from Oklahoma, had died suddenly on Tuesday evening! What a shock! She was only 56 and left behind two children, 13, whom she had... read more

Cows in the road!

As we neared the farm where we go to pick up our weekly milk today there were another farmer’s herd of milk cows who had escaped. Our milk comes from pampered Jersey cows. It is very evident that they are extremely well cared for. Talk about looking sleek, unlike these naughty girls. Hope your week has been a good one. Richard and I are exhausted as is Daniel but it’s a good tired.... read more

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