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MT – Day 38 – Stolen bike

We have had our bikes parked outside the camper ever since we arrived. Whilst we have ridden them a little, it has not been every day. On Wednesday, Richard decided to take Hovis on a bike ride. Not very many minutes later he came back saying he thought his bike had been stolen. Of course a search around the property began but to no avail. As I thought back, I know his bike was propped against the garage... read more

MT – Day 29 – Apricots!

Whilst not a fan of fresh apricots we do like them dehydrated and have a couple recipes that use them. About 9 miles from Michael and Jessie’s, between Kalispell and Columbia Falls is a small store called Glacier Produce. There you can purchase fruit in bulk at very reasonable prices. I headed that way and brought home 40lbs of apricots and 40lbs of nectarines. (More on the nectarines later.)... read more

MT – Day 26 – Fixing the bathroom floor!

Yes, this trip has not been all fun and games. Richard continues to work on websites and remotely for Treasure Lake whilst also getting stuff fixed on the camper. It was not long after we got the camper (April 2017) that we noticed the bathroom floor was not as stable as it should be. There is a heating vent in line with the toilet and it is where everyone stands which would not be an issue if the... read more

MT – Day 24 – More cherries!

4 photos in this post. Cherry season is incredibly short HOWEVER there are two sides to Flathead Lake hence the cherries on the west side ripen a little later than the ones on the east side. SO as soon as Hockaday Orchards opened we made plans to head that way! These trees are TALL so it was ladder climbing time. (One of the owners comes and places the ladders securely!) Due to having to climb ladders... read more

MT – Day 12 and 13 – Cleaning Rig Days

As you can imagine the fifth wheel and truck were FILTHY after that long trek across country. (Picture shows camper before it was clean!) With temps in the 70s it was the perfect weather to clean both rigs. Normally we are done in a day but alas, Richard discovered a lot of tar splashes up one side of the camper. What a pain to get off! It took ages so it was not until Saturday evening that we actually... read more

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