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Our latest acquisition

2 photos in this post. Since before we left the farm, Richard and I have been wanting to get involved in an additional business that would teach the children how to not only run a business but also how to make money on their time. As you well know, Richard and I are entrepreneurs. We definitely do not walk to the beat of the standard drum! We want to give these kids the opportunity to do the same and... read more

Lookout Pass

We left Idaho on Monday morning in the pouring rain! Richard, knowing that we would likely hit snow on Lookout Pass on the Idaho/Montana border, decided he would drive as he felt that everyone would be happier that way 🙂 (I drive a little faster than him!) As we started climbing the pass on the Idaho side the snow plows had done a fantastic job. (Earlier in the morning chains had been required.) However... read more

Snow is falling ….

…. as are the temperatures! Thankfully this part of Idaho doesn’t really get cold until after Christmas but snow has been falling on and off since Friday. The roads coming back from Coeur d’Alene last evening required us to be in 4 wheel drive and even then we went into a skid at one point when we had to avoid a vehicle that had come across the road and into the ditch! The picture above... read more

A bison causing a jam and smiling?!

Bison (buffalo) jams are common at Yellowstone but this particular one bears mentioning. On our last evening in Yellowstone, after watching Old Faithful erupt one more time, the rain was falling steadily and after 3 days in the park we were glad to be heading back to the campsite to prepare for our trip further west the following day. We truly had had the best 3 days in the park as the weather was going... read more

Wheel Trouble!

After hooking up on Sunday at Treasure Lake I noticed that one of the fifth wheel tyres looked a little flat. Upon checking Richard confirmed that it was indeed WAY below the pressure it should be. He pumped it up and off we went. He checked it this morning again and it had gone down a little so pumped it up again and off we went. As today was a day when we were going to gain an hour we decided, last... read more

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