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Church Picnic

Hovis got to experience her first church picnic. At first she was a little on the scared side but Richard held her most of the afternoon and she got a LOT of attention! We are blessed to have some extremely talented and professional musicians and singers at Faith and Wisdom Church. Of course our pastor, Gary McSpadden, sang with the Gaithers for many years. This “group” which included Gary and... read more

Thank You cards…

We are often blessed with food by folks around us. Last week John, a retired professional baker, brought us not only delicious cookies but also scrumptious carrot cake! Of course we always say “Thank You” but I feel that that is not always enough. True gratitude seems to be a thing of the past in many circles which is sad. I like to send a “Thank You” card when one is due and I... read more

Hannah, the flower photographer

Catching some beautiful pictures of Spring, Hannah captured these flowers on camera. Love the focus on this one: Blessings,... read more

The Rig

Picking up the camper on Friday afternoon it was time to get on the road to our next destination. The kids are getting quite the kick out of people’s stares as we travel as the complete rig is quite long. We stopped for ice cream and diesel in a small town in Kentucky somewhere. Obviously pulling into a Sonic is totally out of the question and it is not possible to get into every gas station either!... read more

Sweet Treats

It feels like we have not stopped since we moved back to Treasure Lake! It took us a while to come up for air after moving but we are being more sociable now. In fact last night we played cards with a neighbor. (Having spent two summers here we have had the privilege of getting to know a LOT of different folks but this year it seems as if we are making deeper friendships. Not sure if our mindset has... read more

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