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A bison causing a jam and smiling?!

Bison (buffalo) jams are common at Yellowstone but this particular one bears mentioning. On our last evening in Yellowstone, after watching Old Faithful erupt one more time, the rain was falling steadily and after 3 days in the park we were glad to be heading back to the campsite to prepare for our trip further west the following day. We truly had had the best 3 days in the park as the weather was going... read more

Wheel Trouble!

After hooking up on Sunday at Treasure Lake I noticed that one of the fifth wheel tyres looked a little flat. Upon checking Richard confirmed that it was indeed WAY below the pressure it should be. He pumped it up and off we went. He checked it this morning again and it had gone down a little so pumped it up again and off we went. As today was a day when we were going to gain an hour we decided, last... read more

On the road again :)

The last three weeks at “home” in Branson went by in a whirlwind. I felt like I was constantly chasing my tail! Richard was blessed with a lot of work. (Unlike many full-time RVers we still have to earn some money to support our somewhat unusual lifestyle!) He finished work on Thursday morning and then it was time to wash the camper and the truck. It’s funny how so many of us RVers have... read more

Legacy Five starts off Southern Gospel Picnic

3 photos in this post. Thursday saw the start of Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City here in Branson. Legacy Five was the group this year to start off the first night at Echo Hollow. GOOD performance. Richard is working some crazy hours in the three weeks we are home so that we can head out again for about 8 weeks! This means that he is not going to get to enjoy much of the music this year. He... read more

MO to AZ – 4 states in 4 days

Leaving Missouri on Sunday we headed into Oklahoma. From there we went across the panhandle of Texas, staying in Amarillo on Monday night. Tuesday saw us in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we had the pleasure of meeting up with our good friends Kevin and Toni who I first met in September 1983! Although the kids and I caught up with them in 2011 when we were traveling to California to pick up our 48 St.... read more

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