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Can I just get the last little bit?

There is a set of piglets that are about 6 weeks old. As there are several altogether we have been feeding them in a pig feeder. These feeders are supposed to be tough! Hah! The pigs just wreck them so that the chickens can eat as much as they like too! This one is out in the field so not so many chickens go out there. These four piglets were looking at me very curiously wondering what I was up to! I had... read more

Connie and Pixie

Connie and Pixie are raising their piglets together and doing a great job. This afternoon Connie was out grazing whilst Pixie was babysitting. When I looked in a few minutes later they were altogether. We just love these PortaHuts – they work SO well for the pigs, even when you have two sows raising their babies together. Take care,... read more

Piglets out with their mamas :)

As we were down in the woods yesterday Richard snapped these pics of Connie & Pixie out with their piglets. It is a LONG walk for these little ones born Oct 8th & 11th but this week they have just started adventuring out. Connie & Pixie love to come down here to eat all the fresh acorns that drop each day. Taking a rest: Take care,... read more

Sheep & pigs grazing together

Here’s proof that the Large Black hogs & the St. Croix sheep do graze well together 🙂 Richard took this picture the other evening. Each morning when we let the ewes out, Ginger, Stitches & MaryJane rush into their pasture to see if there are any nuts left for them. Lot of acorns & black walnuts this time of year 🙂... read more

Connie’s a mama :)

On Sunday evening, Connie, Seamus, Pip & Pixie were all crammed into one Porta Hut. Richard had seen some discharge from Connie so was a little concerned that the others would trample on any new babies born. When we went out there they were not going to move & we got growled at. It was bedtime & they let us know! Next morning, Connie had obviously thrown the other three out  & her six... read more

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