What happens five minutes after….

….. a realtor, whom you had been cleaning all morning for, arrives and apologizes but his clients think the house is too near the road so they will not be looking around? Are you disappointed? A little BUT it was a realtor who had not been out here before and he was very impressed with the view and said he would keep the property in mind for other clients. That’s encouraging. Back inside I go... read more

What do you do when….

….. someone is coming to view your property and you need to be scarce but available? Well, after praying, it was time to head up to the woods, cut some wood: and have a BIG bonfire! Yes, someone came to view the farm today so that was very exciting. We have not had any feedback yet as they were viewing several. Another family is coming early next week. This is SO encouraging after months of silence.... read more

Snow at Treasure Lake

Talk about a swing in temperatures this week! The last blog post showed us enjoying beautiful warm weather and now today the high was in the 30’s! Know what though? Both days were a blessing. The children have been longing for snow all winter. Richard had to work at Silver Dollar City today so the kids and I decided to go spend the day at Treasure Lake with Michelle. Even though it was going to be... read more

Time at the park

Today was town day. Living back on the farm means that we only go to West Plains every two weeks. Having been blessed with a new business client last week, the kids and I dropped Richard off to meet with him whilst we did the shopping. The weather was glorious and with time to spare, I took the kids to the park. It’s been a LONG time since they had been there so they had fun. Our day in Branson on... read more

Hand and Foot

Loving to play cards we encourage but not force the children to learn from an early age. An 80+ lady taught us how to play Hand and Foot, using Skip-Bo cards, several years ago when we were visiting friends back in West Virginia. We have played it ever since with some breaks. Recently it has been the “in” game around here with Daniel and I playing it even when Richard has been at work. This... read more

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