Silver Dollar City in the warmth :)

This weekend has been Young Christians Weekend at Silver Dollar City so we were there Friday night for Colton Dixon, yesterday afternoon for Britt Nicole and this morning for church with Matt Maher and others. The park was really crowded yesterday so we didn’t stay to ride any rides. Last year the weather was really cold but this year it was really warm. In fact I forgot to pack the suntan lotion... read more

Spring has sprung!

No, it’s not because some of the trees have budded. Caleb has captured his first lizard. No critter is safe now, Caleb is on the prowl! He has been eagerly waiting for the temperatures to get warm enough to encourage the lizards out of hibernation. Next it will be frogs đŸ™‚ Blessings,... read more

Change is good, right?

I know, I know, that’s a loaded question! Change is not always good but in this instance it is. Curious? …… As many of you know we have two booths up at The Branson Mill. Ten days ago we were informed that the Mill is closing its doors for the last time on April 30th! This came as a great shock to some although most of the demonstrators knew something was going on so were glad to have an... read more

A short hike!

3 photos in this post  Yesterday, with the sun shining, Hannah, Caleb, myself and Hovis took a short hike down the trail to the wet water creek. Whilst there is nearly always some water flowing here, we don’t often see it when it is flowing like yesterday. Good to just get out for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of the nature around us. Today, the weather was FABULOUS! We were still disciplined... read more


5 Photos in this post Hannah may now have a diagnosis but that doesn’t change everyday life yet! This week has been pretty stressful and the cold weather doesn’t help as the kids are not out playing out so much. We did have a break from the cold for a couple days and so when Richard brought back some hooks and bobbers Caleb was able to go do one of his favorite pastimes – fishing! The... read more

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