Hovis’ first ride on a fire truck!

8 photos in this post! Please note that the title says “on” not “in”! Richard was not due to work at Silver Dollar City until noon as he is working until after midnight tonight! (Moonlight/Midnight Madness) We figured we would cook breakfast outside and have a relaxing morning before he headed out and the kids and I went grocery shopping. Hah! I put Hovis’ harness on her and... read more

Friends having fun together

The weeks over July 4th were filled with friends arriving in force so we had the pleasure of going some places all together. It was fun! Here are one group of kids at Silver Dollar City: Here they are in jail! We also had some fun at White Water where we went again yesterday for Hannah’s 11th birthday! Temps here are in the high 90’s this week so it is HOT! Take care,... read more


Some friends gave us a big sack of pecans along with a shell cracker also. Two mornings this past week we sat outside and cracked pecans! Each one that looked good had to be taste tested due to them having sat for a while and thus some being rancid! I began to learn which ones were likely to be good and which not. We still got two bags of pecans so another blessing. The squirrels got to enjoy some as... read more

Rehoming turtles

Treasure Lake ponds have a lot of turtles. Now, we have nothing against turtles but too many in a small lake are detrimental to the fish SO we have been re-homing some of them. (We did the same last year.) When some of the kids on the park caught a few last week we quickly took them down to a shallow stream about a mile away and let them go. The turtles are not harmed but neither will they find their way... read more

Not an inch to spare!

Oh my! Today was the first time we have packed up the fifth wheel with Hovis’ cage! We had thought we would just be able to turn it 90°. WRONG! That worked for bringing the living room slide in but then we realized the kitchen slide would not be able to come in. OH NO! Rotating it back again, putting a cloth on both edges to prevent rubbing (damage) we then brought the kitchen slide in very... read more

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