MT – Day 38 – Stolen bike

We have had our bikes parked outside the camper ever since we arrived. Whilst we have ridden them a little, it has not been every day. On Wednesday, Richard decided to take Hovis on a bike ride. Not very many minutes later he came back saying he thought his bike had been stolen. Of course a search around the property began but to no avail. As I thought back, I know his bike was propped against the garage... read more

MT – Day 36 – Tim’s Fish and Chips, Creston, BC

Here’s the picture you have all been waiting for when we visited Tim’s Fish and Chips: This is just ONE plate of Cod and Chips. (Halibut is available but more expensive.) The three piece is actually SIX pieces with unlimited chips. The five of us ate THREE plates – 18 pieces of fish and the chips. We did not need to ask for anymore chips. Whilst not cheap (approx. $25 Canadian per plate)... read more

MT – Day 36 – Fort Steele, BC

11 photos in this post. Wanting the children to have experience crossing the border and spending a different currency, earlier this week we headed north into British Columbia, Canada. First stop Fort Steele, just a few miles northeast of Cranbrook, two and a half hours from Kalispell. We made good time with the drive and arrived about 15 minutes before they even opened. The kids had a chance to say... read more

MT – Day 35 – Cooking on the Campfire

2 photos in this post. Caleb and Easton both LOVE having bonfires. The other evening though they wanted to cook a meal on it so I got out our big camping skillet. Michael rigged up the copper piping to hold it in place over the flames and between us we provided the kids with onion, corn, turkey, cheese and mushrooms. Some of you may remember the kids used to do this regularly when we were on the farm.... read more

MT – Day 30 – Cutting Nectarines with Renzi PLUS Smoothie Recipe :)

With the apricots out of the way it was time to work on some of the nectarines. We all LOVE fresh nectarines so some are being kept in the fridge. HOWEVER we cannot eat 80lbs of them! I have dehydrated nectarines before but with all the other dehydrated fruit that I have stashed away this year I opted to cut the nectarines into chunks and freeze them. I discovered that a nectarine smoothie is absolutely... read more

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