If you go down to the woods today …..

Well, it has been quite some time since I gave you an update on our lives. If you are someone that receives our Christmas newsletter, don’t keep holding your breath for that as I haven’t even written it yet! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Business in 2022 kept us hopping! We were only open 3 days a week but, like Richard said, we were actually doing 7 days work in 6 as there is a lot of preparation that goes... read more

A race well run!

I was up EARLY yesterday morning (3:30am) and as I was heading to work, Richard had left the radio on a news talk channel which reminded me that it was Queen Elizabeth’s funeral day. In the blur of getting up at an unnatural hour, I had temporarily forgotten! HOWEVER getting up that early turned out to be a blessing. I was able to watch the ENTIRE proceedings, something I would never have had time... read more

Can 40 years really go by that fast?!

Yes it can! No, Richard and I have not been married that long…yet BUT a few weekends back we went to see ET at the IMAX. It was the 40th anniversary. ET actually came out the year before we met but I LOVED that movie and had the transfers on my roller skates and guitar case. I don’t have the roller skates anymore but do still have the guitar case. We are told that life goes by in the blink of... read more

A Hannah Update

Apologies for not being back in touch sooner. It has been a VERY busy week! SO glad to have three kids i.e. Michelle, Daniel and Caleb helping me at the store 🙂 Hannah had surgery last Tuesday and alas the metal was corroded in one place so it had to ALL be removed. They did NOT stitch Hannah fully up at that point, just put in three big stitches and packed her back with antibacterial foam. I would show... read more

Please pray for Hannah and Richard

Just over a week ago Hannah discovered a lump on her back. Staff at the residential facility took her to Urgent Care who immediately referred her back to Shriners where she had her scoliosis surgery performed last August. They saw her last Tuesday and determined through blood tests that Hannah had a major infection going on. Richard and I received the call on Wednesday to say that surgery was scheduled... read more

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