Hannah’s Scoliosis

We have known for a long time that Hannah had scoliosis.  (Her birthmother also had it.) In the past we have taken her for x-rays to make sure it was being kept in check. At that time the degree of the scoliosis was only 19%, and the doctor just told us to keep an eye on it as they do not do anything if it is under 20%. We all visit the chiropractor regularly and he said that regular adjustments could... read more

Nope, we are NOT moving!

LOL! Are you wondering what in the world we are up to renting a Penske truck?! Earlier this year I shared with you how we had opened two booths in town. Those booths have performed WAY better than we ever expected. Approximately 3 weeks ago we were presented with an opportunity to EXPAND! With that in mind, we knew we needed somewhere bigger to be able to sort and price stock etc. You know us, once we set... read more

A trip down Memory Lane with Hannah!

Howdy folks! I figured it was about time I gave you some updates so you will likely see two posts from me tonight! With COVID restrictions being loosened, Hannah is now allowed off campus for visits with us. We are taking her out for a couple of hours each time we go up. Last time Michelle and I went to see her we took her to Springfield Botanical Gardens. As we drove in, both Michelle and I realized that... read more

Spring has sprung in the Ozarks :)

Evenin’ all! I missed taking pics of the Wild Pear trees in blossom. They were beautiful but then a strong wind and cold weather blew them away. However the Red Buds, being later bloomers, are now out in full color and looking gorgeous. The Dogwoods are now coming out. It’s good to be out in the spring sunshine 🙂 Tuesday was voting day so we decided to head to the Tracks as well for the first... read more

We Survived the Cold, How About You?

3 photos in this post. SO SO glad to see the sun shining and temperatures above freezing. Whilst the snow is still lying on the ground (really unusual to see big mounds of snow here in Branson from where the snow plows have cleared the roads), it was melting like crazy today as we “soared” into the 40’s. How cold did it get here? Too cold! LOL! We were at -9F, a whopping -23C, one... read more

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