Deja Vu

Sunday is our moving day here at Treasure Lake. Our routine on a moving Sunday morning is eat breakfast, cook lunch, put 4 of the 5 slides in and then head to church. (We always clean the day before.) When we return home from church we go seek out our new spot for the next 3 weeks, come back to the camper, eat lunch and get the last bits done along with putting the last slide in. All sounds simple, right?... read more

An afternoon walk by the lake :)

5 photos in this post.   It was such a lovely day that after school and lunch we headed down to the lake. Last week, as many of you know, we had a LOT of rain so before heading on our walk we drove down to where we could see how much water is being let out of Table Rock Dam at the moment: Wow! Yes, there is a lot of water being released. We had a wonderful walk. Hovis met some people that she liked and... read more

You never know….

…. what your day is going to bring! We have friends here at Treasure Lake who have kids that Hannah and Caleb LOVE playing together with SO we have been doing some things together. Today, knowing it was going to rain, we decided to go to Splash Country, the indoor water park, when it opened this afternoon. Everyone had a blast. Even Michelle joined us. Daniel got it into his head that he wanted to... read more

Caleb and his lizard

3 photos in this post. I can promise you that none of these photos have been photo-shopped! Caleb took these photos this morning with my phone. The lizard obviously stood still long enough for him 🙂 Just had to share them as they are SO cute. Caleb is in lizard heaven right now. We only allow him to keep each one for approximately 2 days and then he releases it back into the wild and goes hunting for a... read more

Silver Dollar City in the warmth :)

This weekend has been Young Christians Weekend at Silver Dollar City so we were there Friday night for Colton Dixon, yesterday afternoon for Britt Nicole and this morning for church with Matt Maher and others. The park was really crowded yesterday so we didn’t stay to ride any rides. Last year the weather was really cold but this year it was really warm. In fact I forgot to pack the suntan lotion... read more

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